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Male infatuation with female reality show

There’s something about her beauty that keeps me coming back to my TV Monday nights at 10. I hear Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Unwritten’ intro start and I know I’m in for a half hour of heaven.

The thing completing my Monday night line-up is the hit MTV show, ‘The Hills.’

Starting five years ago, there was someone who caught my attention and she never let go. That person is none other than the queen of Laguna Beach, Lauren Conrad, better known as LC.

Now I wish I was the only one who had this connection with her but I had to search the campus to find out if other guys shared my feelings.

As it turns out, there are others infatuated with the same woman who makes MTV that much better.

One of the guys I found was Chris Aguilar, a 21-year-old biology major.

‘I thought Lauren was hot the first time I saw her on ‘Laguna Beach,” said Aguilar.
‘She’s smart, hot, independent and productive, need I say more?’

The show doesn’t only showcase the beautiful LC, but also her entourage of gems.

‘I like the girls on ‘The Hills,” said Marcus Murrietta, an 18-year-old CTVA major. ‘Audrina is so cute.’

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, Audrina is a friend of LC’s whom she met when she first moved to L.A. from Laguna.

Also in LC’s ‘crew’ are Lo, her best friend from Laguna Beach, Whitney, a co-worker turned good friend and Stephanie, the sister of LC’s archenemy.

Four seasons have passed and people may wonder how a show about girls who get paid to live life continues to be so popular.

‘I think people get into it because they like looking into other people’s lives,’ said Benny Adams, a 22-year-old communications major.

‘The drama is the thing that makes people so interested in the show,’ Aguilar said.

There’s conflict with friendships and the most common, relationship problems.

Murietta said one of his favorite episodes was when Justin Bobby and Audrina were going at each other when everyone went to Mexico. He liked the way they taunted each other by trying to hook up with other people.

The fights among friends seems key to the mystery of ‘The Hills’ popularity.

One of Aguilar’s favorite episodes was the one that started the feud between Heidi and LC.

‘I hate Heidi and Spencer is a tool,’ Aguilar said. ‘I was so happy when LC and Heidi broke up.’

The interesting thing is, I hate Spencer too, but I don’t even know him. We’re so caught up in these people’s lives and sometimes they seem more like characters than people.

‘It all seems staged to me,’ Adams said. ‘It’s all about the way the producers make the characters look.’

How much more realistic do students want these shows to be?

Fancy cars, late-night partying and perfect jobs should really be the only reality or maybe ‘The Hills’ is a fictional land played by real people.

There has to be a little more to why people relate to the show but it doesn’t seem to be the lifestyle the average viewer lives.

‘I can’t really say that I would relate to any of them because I’m not really in the same tax bracket,’ Murrietta said.

The clubs and restaurants cast members go to are all accessible to the public and even Aguilar goes to those places from time to time, he said.

‘I go to some of those clubs,’ Aguilar said. ‘But I never go in hopes of seeing LC.’

Even I wish that I might see them when I make my stops in the restaurants they go to. The characters in these shows are easier to relate to because they aren’t trained actors. They are somewhat normal people and the life they live is somewhat accessible to the rest of us. But perhaps we don’t want the same things they have.

‘If I had a show, I would call it ‘College Years,” Aguilar said. ‘There’s no real back story to it but rather it’s just a name.’

As for Adams, he wouldn’t want his own show, but instead he wants to be on a pre-existing show.

‘I really want to be on ‘Survivor,” Adams said. ‘I would be the person that floats under the radar and at the end the people would vote for me to win because I would be really nice.’
Even a show like ‘Survivor’ has it’s own crazy fan base, but ‘The Hills’ is so much closer to home because there is no try out. Either you’re hot, or you’re not.

So with the last season coming up soon, there is a lot more ‘drama’ in store.

‘I hope that Spencer and Heidi break up,’ Aguilar said. ‘And I really want Spencer to get his ass kicked.’

For me, I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can because once the show ends, my Monday nights will be done and I will be one step closer to a reality of my own, getting a life.

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