Meet your A.S. candidates


Lucia Herrera
business law major
Current Activities: M.E.Cha, Students for Quality Education
Running for business and economics senator

1.’ ‘ ‘ ‘Right now I’m an intern for the Students for Quality Education. We’re currently focusing on budget cuts. We’ve been creating a lot of events, doing presentations and tabling. We’re planning an event for Tuesday marching around campus (regarding budget cuts).’
2.’ ‘ ‘ ‘I would have to begin with budget cuts. We haven’t been prioritized when it comes to the allocation of money in the cuts.’
3.’ ‘ ‘ ‘The budget cuts.’ In one sense, they’re cutting professors which affects student’s education. Some students can’t get into the classes they need to graduate.’
4.’ ‘ ‘ ‘Different organizations that keep students in school. For example, tutoring labs which keep students active.’
5.’ ‘ ‘ ‘As far as I can see, a lot of money, promotion and influence on campus are in fraternities or sororities. Not everyone is in a fraternity or sorority. There are other organizations that need money and promotion.’
6.’ ‘ ‘ ‘If students have more school spirit, then they’re more likely to spend more time on campus. They will use the resources on campus and do better academically which overall makes CSUN better.’

Domingo Gonzalez
marketing major
Current Activities: Gamma Zeta Alpha
Runnig for business and economics senator

1.’ ‘ ‘ ‘I’ve actually held various positions. In high school I was a founder and president of my chapter of MEChA. Through MEChA I was able to gain funding for an after school tutoring program for minority students.’ I’m also a member of Gamma Zeta Alpha. Through the fraternity, I’ve held various positions in risk management, community service and public relations. We’ve done community service events like a turkey drive.
2.’ ‘ ‘ ‘The budget cuts are affecting students in many ways. Within my college there aren’t enough sections being offered which practically delays students’ graduation day. There are also crowded classrooms.’
3.’ ‘ ‘ ‘I would say the counseling. There isn’t a good student to counselor ratio where students can create any actual relationship with their counselors so they can actually guide them through their career.’
4.’ ‘ ‘ ‘My emphasis would be alleviating the economic stress on students. I’d focus more on helping the students directly such as advocating for the extension of the book rental program. Within my college, clickers are essentials to some business courses.’
5.’ ‘ ‘ Various unheard groups and unrepresented students on campus. Students for Change is diverse in the sense that we have students from different sections of the campus. Our goal is essentially to reach out to these unheard communities.’ (Referring to Black Student Union, MISA, Latino Business Association, Gamma Zeta Alpha, Pikes, MEChA and others.)
6.’ ‘ ‘ Because with their involvement they feel a sense of belonging and an eagerness to get involved on campus. They also have a sense of pride in the school they are attending.’

Tigran Melikyan
Finance Major
Running for business and economics senator
Current Activities: Armenian Student Organization, Student Finance Association

1.’ ‘ ‘ This is actually my very first leadership position but in the opportunities I’ve had to lead like when I’m a group leader it was pretty obvious that we we’re getting our work completed as efficiently and diligently as possible.
2.’ ‘ ‘ The biggest problem I see is a lack of motivation among students it seems like a lot of them have a high school mentality where they do the minimal work and expect to get good grades. It’s a bigger problem than having dirty chairs or lack of technology because what’s the point of having them when your not going to use them.
3.’ ‘ ‘ Definitely not financial aid I’ll tell you why. Because we have so many grants and loans available to us and it’s possible for almost everyone to get an education despite a lack of money. The biggest obstacle is once again lack of motivation.
4.’ ‘ ‘ I will try to get as much funds for business clubs. One of my goals is to get students from the college of business to be better represented. I also want to organize some sort of research group so we can contribute and attend a research symposium that CSUN holds. Every college except the college of business has some sort of research. It will not only be the first time, but new doors will open for students who can do research.
5. Going back to my original motivational speech, a lot of times students who have problems don’t know how who to talk to. Take students who have problems studying and are shy about talking to a professor about whatever problem they have. You have to talk to someone and ask for help.
6. In order for CSUN to have school spirit as students in UCLA it would help CSUN in the sense that or faculty relations would be stronger that’s why UCLA is such a tight knit tribe. For students it would be as if they had a tight ‘family.