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Daily Sundial

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Breaking records without steroids

In recent weeks, it has been difficult to get away from stories about Alex Rodriguez testing positive for steroids.’ This hasn’t helped the already limping reputation of baseball as the number of athletes involved with performance enhancing substances increases.’

A-Rod is arguably baseball’s most talented player.’ If his current pace of statistics continues, he could possibly be considered one of the best players of all time and an instant candidate for the Hall of Fame.’ ‘

Baseball has some rough years ahead.’ But it isn’t because most of their superstars are cheaters, it’s because everyone in baseball uses some substance to give himself an edge.

This is not some epidemic among big homerun hitters who want to put up big numbers because it’s a contract year.’ The issue that requires more attention is that players whose names will never be in the spotlight have to use steroids just to keep up.

This is not to say that A-Rod using such substances isn’t an issue.’ This is a league that didn’t start testing for steroids till 2003.’ This is a system of rules that was begging for people to abuse it if there wasn’t even testing until just a few years ago.’

Baseball players were in a system that didn’t check to see if they were cheating, and even if the were caught, the punishments weren’t significant enough to deter them.’

There is also a financial incentive for players to use steroids. Minimum salary in the Minor Leagues isn’t much more than the average job.’ According to, the official Web site for the Players Association, MLB’s minimum player salary was $390,000 last year.

Many MLB players come from third world countries with a low financial upbringing.’ This large of a jump can not only change a player’s life, but their family’s as well.’ The league minimum alone is enough motivation to give themselve’s an edge.’ Even if that edge can potentially take 10 years off of their life.’

The fact there are so many of baseball’s superstars using steroids isn’t an indication that they’re only talented because of steroids.’ The issue is steroids are so common among all of the players.’

MLB only started speaking out against steroid use after the government started investigating.’ Bud Selig, Commissioner of MLB, had turned a blind eye to performance enhancing drugs. Baseball carried a nonchalant attitude towards steroids because it could help sell tickets.’ Steroid tests need to be conducted more often and punishments for positive results needs to be harsh with possible exemption of Hall of Fame status.’ If they can continue to discipline Pete Rose for gambling then they can punish those who blatantly cheated the game.

A-Rod testing positive for steroids is a big deal, but steroids are exceedingly rampant in baseball.’ This is trickling down into the lower division leagues, recreational use, and even in high schools.’ MLB is the place where the best players in the world compete.’ Until they set the standard for drug use, the rest of the sports world will continue to follow down the same road.

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