Letter to the Editor: March 10, 2009


The article in the Daily Sundial on Feb. 26 about KCSN was very well written and I would like to add my opinion to it.’ It is sad to know that the majority of CSUN students have no idea about our radio station and that those who do feel like what is played does not reflect what the students want.’ I would like to say that I must be that rare one percent that knows about our wonderful radio station and actually listens to it.’ OK, so I know that the majority of the kids on campus don’t listen to classical music and they would rather listen to the more ‘hip’ music of the day, but that’s not for me.’ Don’t get me wrong I listen to bands like Coldplay and Kanye West, but 9 times out of 10, I prefer classical music.’ If I had a choice I would rather listen to Gershwin’s Rhapsody and Blue or Dvorak’s Symphony #9 in E Minor over any other type of music.’ These are the pieces of music that speak to me and I am not of the radio’s listener demographic that is 35 to 65.’ No, I am 20, soon to be 21.

Of course I also listen to Classical KUSC which is USC’s radio station and it is 100 percent classical 24/7.’ In fact I am a proud member and have been for several years.’ KCSN and KUSC are of the few remaining radio stations that are independent radio stations where you don’t have commercials that are the main programming block instead of music, like on other radio stations now.’ Independent radio stations like these are to be treasured and supported as much as possible, or else we are going to see the same sort of things that happened to KMOZART and others.

Yet it is not just classical music that I listen to on KCSN, but I also enjoy ‘Meet the Beatles’ and for years, I loved listening to ‘The Swingin’ Years with Chuck Cecil.” Ah yes another music genre that some would consider old like classical, yet I love swing music.’ In fact if you were to look at my iPod right now you would see that the two largest genres of music I have on there are classical and swing.

In the end I think that the majority of the students featured in the article that probably had no idea that we had a station shouldn’t speak out against it and complain that it plays music targeted to professors.’ Don’t judge a book by its cover!

I hope that the classical music programming will not be changed just so that KCSN can relate more to the students because they are already relating to me, even if I am that one percent of the entire student body.’ I also hope that the current budget crisis gets fixed because I would love to see the station move into the new Performing Arts Center.

Christianna Triolo
journalism major