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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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The May 2009 graduating class will gather at the Matador Bookstore today for GRADFEST.

Graduating students and their parents are invited to take part in GRADFEST 2009. The event, organized by Student Development, takes place from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is sponsored by Jostens, Grad Trak, CSUN’s Alumni Association and other sponsors and co-sponsors. This free event is an opportunity for graduating students to verify the name on their diploma, rent cap and gowns, and see vendors for merchandise such as announcements and class rings.

‘This is a one-stop shop for all graduate needs,’ said Christopher Aston, activities coordinator for the Division of Student Affairs. ‘We try to prepare the graduates for commencement as best as we can. We want students to know that CSUN is behind them and that we are proud of them,’ he said.

The event works as a three-step process. First, students will line up to verify the spelling of the name that will appear on their diploma and show valid proof of identification. Second, students will fill out forms to rent their caps and gowns. Undergraduate students are given the option of renting the cap and gown for $30.25 or receiving them for free with a two year membership with the Alumni Association.’ Finally, students will have the opportunity to stop by several vendors to purchase graduation announcements, class rings and other graduation merchandise.

‘I’m expecting a lot of people to be there,’ said James Iwatha, graduating psychology senior, 23. ‘It sort of discourages me from going because I don’t want to have to deal with long lines and a lot of people just to order my cap and gown. But at the same time I might see other people in my class that I am graduating with so I guess it is ok,’ said Iwatha.

Having served approximately 4,000 students last year at GRADFEST 2008 and anticipating several more this year, the Division of Student Affairs and the Matador Bookstore are preparing as much as possible for the event.

‘We tear the store apart! We merchandise the store to get ready for all the students and families that will come in,’ said Amy Berger, director of the Matador Bookstore.

Merchandise is taken off the floor and relocated in order to make lines and allow more space for the students to walk around. ‘We try to make as much space as possible for students, vendors, and graduation displays,’ said Berger.

‘It’s an exciting and fun day for students anticipating graduation. We look forward to helping them prepare to celebrate their achievement,’ said Berger.

In order to be eligible and participate in the 2009 commencement and GRADFEST, students needed to have registered to graduate with the Admissions and Records office by March 6, 2009. Any graduating student who has not done so must contact Admissions and Records directly in regards to participating in commencement.

‘We want to fully educate. We want to let people know what the process of commencement is and how they can get there. We want to inform students and to make sure that they are completing their classes and that they have applied with Admissions and Records,’ said Aston.

Other information pertaining to GRADFEST and commencement can be obtained online at

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