Get to know … #5, Katrina Thompson

Eric Gonzalez

Full Name: Katrina Thompson
Date of birth:’ May 2, 1988
Place of birth: Panorama City, Calif.

Height: 5-8
Class: Junior

Position: Forward’ ‘ ‘
Major: Kinesiology
Game averages:’ 7.2 points, 6.2 rebounds


Food – Shrimp pasta.
Movie – Love ‘amp; Basketball
Song: ‘Best I ever had’ by’ Drake
Athlete: Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah


Greatest difficulty – ‘Being a student athlete while trying to find time for friends and family.’
Greatest accomplishment ‘- ‘Making it to the college level.’
Most embarrassing moment ‘- ‘When I was in high school I was running late for class and wearing white sweatpants. While I was running, I tripped and got mud all over my legs and butt.’
Hobbies – ‘Paintballing. Going on my motor scooter.’


Best part of my game ‘- ‘My left-corner jump shot.’
Part of my game that needs improvement ‘- ‘Defense. Everyone can improve on defense.’
Player I pattern my game after – Charles Barkley
Pre-game rituals – ‘Listening to R’amp;B music and slower, soothing songs.’


Team – ‘Proving everyone wrong. We were predicted to not even make the tournament so we hope to rattle some cages.’
Individual – ‘I just want to give it all I have.’
Future – ‘Nursing or law enforcement.’


First sport: Basketball.
What I do in the offseason: ‘Train for the next year and take a lot of summer classes so I can graduate on time.’
Person I’d like to meet: Drake
Possible career: ‘A lot of my family members are in law enforcement so I think that would work out for me.’
If I could be one person for a day:’ ‘Diddy. He’s crazy.’ and has everything. I’d love to be that flashy for a day.’
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