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‘Miss March’ misses its true potential

For those that know and love the TV show ‘The Whitest Kids You Know,’ reconsider paying money to see ‘Miss March,’ which comes out Friday.

Although co-writers/main characters Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger have made a huge success with their traveling comedy troop and T.V. show on IFC, the movie seemed like a drawn out sketch directed towards an audience of acne ridden adolescence who enjoy getting drunk off their parent’s wine coolers.

Miss March follows the formula of every cheesy high school comedy that superseded American Pie: Some large breasted model grabs the attention of all the porn-crazed teens that would rather see boobies on a big screen than on their computer.

All of the best moments in the movie are already given away in the movie trailer, and the plot never veered from what one would already expect.

The combination of a solid movie trailer, credible cast and various cameo appearances including Hue Heffner and playmate Sara Jean Underwood, were misleading to the true potential this movie could have reached.

Fox Searchlight hosted an LA press day at The Beverly Hilton Hotel Feb. 11, where the cast of Miss March gave roundtable discussions.’ Both Moore and Cregger explained how the script was already written and given to them for revision.

‘The original script was pretty dull and we tried to make a road trip sex comedy into something that hasn’t been done already,’ said Moore.

Some of the ideas that were implemented into the movie’s script were ideas and experiences that both Moore and Cregger related to’mdash;minus the playmate girlfriend and the blood-thirsty firemen.

‘Every girl you meet ends up being somebody you run into when you’re drunk at a party.’ Then you end up going out with them for two years,’ said Cregger while doodling on the hotel’s notepad.

Actor and Comedian Craig Robinson, who has been casted in movies such as Knocked up, Pineapple Express and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, took on the role of an egotistical crazed rapper who is adamant on the correct pronunciation of his rapper name’mdash;Horsedick Mpeg.

‘Trevor got the idea of my name from a file that was stored on his computer and discovered by Zack,’ said Robinson. ‘However, all those dance moves that you see in the music video scene were my idea; except for me pouring the champagne on the girl’s booty.’ I tried to capture the character of an outrageous rapper, one that real rappers can see and laugh at.’

Prior to the finalized movie, it was originally shot with a Hue Heffner look alike and fake playmates.’ However when response from the prescreening indicated a loss of interest due to the imitators, Trevor and Zack were in need off Heff’s approval to get him aswell as actual Playboy Playmates to star in the movie.

‘I was actually involved in the movie before knowing it.’ After seeing the movie script, I supported the envelope that Zack and Trevor pushed,’ said playmate Sara Jean Underwood.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

‘The only thing that Heff really cared about was whether or not the audience would pick-up on this part where I call a girl ‘busted.” He didn’t know what that meant and wasn’t sure if anyone else did either,’ said Cregger.’

Both Moore and Cregger began their careers performing in their college comedy troop where they did shows once a month.’ After Winning an Aspen Comedy Festival in 2006, it led them to T.V. offers which included one of their first offers from Fuse.’ The fine crafted humor that went into the comedy sketches didn’t need any support of characters people had to really like.’ However, spending over an hour with Moore’s annoying character short sighted what people might think of him as an actor, having never seen The Whitest Kids You Know.’ The rest of the cast for Whitest Kids you Know were at The Beverly Hilton but were not in the movie.’

‘We wanted to keep this movie thing separate from what we do as a sketch comedy team,’ said Moore when asked about his decision not to cast anyone else from his comedy troop in the movie.

They were waiting around in the hotel bar for Zack and Trevor to get their interview over with so they could perform that night at the El Rey.’ I recommend that you look up The Whitest Kids You Know on youtube or catch them performing live.’ It is a much better representation to the quality and brilliance both Zack and Trevor possess.

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