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Your vote, not ?illegitimate? or ?unreliable?

Senator At-Large III Ben Yarbrough said that in the past one percent of students on campus actually voted in the Associated Students elections. The lack of attention given to voting for campus issues is a symptom of a larger problem in our society. People feel their vote doesn’t matter.’ We want convenience and immediacy.’ If we don’t see the results of our votes instantly, then it’s not worth it to us.’

This is unfortunate because the president and administration of CSUN are watching this A.S. election very closely to see the number of students that vote.’ Since voter turnout in the past has been relatively low, the administration can sometimes view student input for A.S. as illegitimate and unreliable.’ That’s why it’s important we all vote.’ This will ensure student issues are heard and properly dealt with from the students’ perspective.’

By participating in the A.S. election, students can be assured their voices will be heard on the issues. If students want to see change in various aspects of the school, then they should take the initiative and make it happen. If it’s school spirit they want, then be part of a process that can help foster that.

When I first got to CSUN this semester I was initially disappointed. As a transfer student, I had high expectations from the campus and community. During my time at a community college, the typical college experience was lacking from the school.

Instead of the idea I had in my head, I was met with a horrendous parking situation, difficulty adding classes I wanted, and people who couldn’t wait to get out a 50-minute lecture.’ There was no chance to get to know anyone.’ Everyone had to leave to make it to their next class.’ I had given up on this school and was convinced I would be miserable for the next year.’

That was two weeks ago. I realized it takes time to get to know your school. I learned that if you keep trying and seek things out, you will have the experience you are looking for.’ The only difference is at a bigger school the opportunities are all around you, but at CSUN it takes a little bit of effort.

It seems the feeling of a unified campus is something that’s often missing here at CSUN. One of my new friends I met from class, Jo Evangelista, told me that CSUN just doesn’t have that sense of community UCLA does.’ Her theory is since this is a commuter school, people just want to go to class and go home.

As a new student, I’m excited for the up-coming election.’ It marks a time of new beginnings and opportunities for us as students.’ Unlike other major elections you may be used to voting in, at CSUN we have more than two parties to choose from.’ With numerous candidates running for each office, there is a real choice being offered to you, the CSUN student.

After reading candidate profiles in the Daily Sundial and the debate last Tuesday, it gave me a better idea on the political views of the candidates and the vision they have for our school.’ One of the questions asked by the audience at the debate was about school spirit.’ We have something at CSUN called ‘Mattitude Tuesdays’ it’s when you’re supposed to wear anything with the CSUN logo on it to show your school pride.’

Director of Legislative Affairs Vianney Moran stressed the importance of school pride by telling me, ‘I love to wear CSUN gear on Tuesday’s to show my school pride. In promoting Mattitude Tuesdays, it brings a sense of belonging and unity and a unified campus is extremely important.”

Moran also said there are four slates running, so there will probably be run-off elections.’ I learned from her there are innovative ways to get your candidacy noticed. ‘The ‘games’ are already beginning this year,’ Moran said, referring to a time where someone paid for an advertisement on Facebook.
Voting is important, but what about running for something yourself? Don’t complain CSUN isn’t what you want it to be if you don’t even try to change it.’ If someone as cynical as me can get into campus life at a school I never thought I would end up and care about having the college experience, anyone can.’ This is the only college experience we’re going to get our entire lives, so why not make the most of it?

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