Get to know… Deborah Dawnelle Duran!

Gilberto Manzano

Food: ‘Chicken pasta teammate Christina Saenz makes’
Music: Ne-Yo
Movie: ‘Any movie Shia LaBeouf is in’
Song: ‘Any song from Akon’s CD Freedom’
Athlete: Jennie Finch

Greatest Difficulty: ‘Transferring to a new school and being on my own for the first time’
Greatest goal accomplished: ‘Playing softball for a D1 school’
Most embarrassing moment: ‘I can’t think of one but it was funny when catcher Krystal Raphael fell on her face during warm ups when she threw the ball to second base and the crowd clapped for her when she got up’
Hobbies: ‘Going to the beach and shopping’

Best part of my game: ‘Not letting the ball get out of the infield’
Part of my game that needs improvement: ‘To get more’ control of my pitches’
Best Player I’ve played against so far: None
Player I pattern my game after: Nobody
Pre -game rituals: ‘Communicating with catcher Krystal Raphael’
Superstitions: ‘Licking my fingers after every pitch’

Team: ‘Winning Conference’
Individual: ‘Winning every inning’

MY first sports: softball
Other sports I played while growing up: Volleyball and Basketball
When I started playing softball: ‘when I turned eight’
What I do to stay in shape during the offseason: ‘Go to the gym a lot and throw pitches’
Person I would like to meet: Brad Pitt