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Meet your A.S. presidential candidates

Malik Basurto
Major: Family and consumer sciences
Year: Graduate student
Currently involved in: SHAC

1. It would be to see what programs A.S. currently has and see what programs could be developed to enhance the academic experience while making sure they’re cost effective.

2. One of my specific priorities is to try to see if we can get free parking for people who are only going to be on campus for a few hours, it would be for someone who doesn’t need a full-time parking pass. As well as seeing if we can upgrade food services. When I first started going to CSUN we had Taco Bell on one portion of the campus, but they closed it because we have the one off campus. But the one off campus isn’t as accessible as the one on campus.

3. I plan to obviously be at events so I’m definitely going to make sure that I’m in touch with clubs and organizations. I plan to be very visible by taking out an ad in the Sundial through A.S. or send an email to the 33,000 students we have. There are many ways to do it I just need to look into what’s feasible.

4. I would definitely think so. If you’re a part of school and want a degree from that school it would help you stay through and graduate in a more decent time. Some students are transferring to UCLA and we’re loosing a lot of students to local universities. If they had more pride in CSUN or something to be proud of like the basketball team that would definitely make people want to go to CSUN instead of UCLA.

5. No I don’t plan on pursuing the Matador statue because it’s not important. I don’t even know where it would go. I don’t see how they’re going to use a statue and how it’s productive to academic life.

Andrew Collard
Major: Business marketing
Year: Junior
Currently involved in: Sigma Chi, Associated Students

1. I think we need to focus on student outreach and approach education differently. We want to help with the educational experience outside of the classroom, like internship opportunities through A.S. or a logo competition for best graphic design of the year. It would help people develop a competitive resume for their future career so they’re not just in class hitting the books but having experience in a real-world environment.

2. Our main thing is we want to include intercollegiate athletics as part of A.S. to increase school spirit and feed off the energy we have right now after we made it into the NCAA tournament. By promoting intercollegiate athletics more people will know more of the teams.

3. I don’t think I should be doing anything no one knows anything about. I don’t have a problem with having an open door policy and I don’t keep anything from any senator. I will also communicate with students and faculty on campus. People think being in politics is shady, but I’m not in this for personal politics, I’m doing this for the cause.

4. Having school spirit is being involved in CSUN. I notice a big difference between people who just go to class and people who are involved in campus.

5. People are really for it and part of the campus quality fee has to do with school pride. I don’t have a problem with it as long as it doesn’t come from A.S. fee’s. I wouldn’t use alumni money for anything else because alumni would be more excited to donate to the statue as part of their legacy. We should be able to reach out to more alumni for donations for the statue especially because of the 50th anniversary. I’d also ask for donations for the children center to help students on campus who might be a parent.

Luis Carbajo
Major: Electrical engineering
Year: Graduate student
Currently involved in: President of Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society, student liason for IEE, current A.S. senator

1. Well the quality of education will not suffer if I’m president because that’s why we’re creating new programs that will enhance education like the textbook stipend. We’re also increasing funding for academic related projects and research by $30,000. And we’re creating a Web site where students can exchange textbooks on campus. That’s going to help with the budget crisis. That’s how fees will be used, we’re not only going to provide campus activities, but more importantly help make college affordable. On the other hand, we’re going to represent every single student at the state level by making sure that the governor doesn’t cut our budget at the state level so we can afford college.

2. Creating the recycling and processing center that I proposed because it will create jobs and internships for CSUN students on campus for students from different colleges such as engineering, health, business, economics and environmental sciences, as well as chemistry. Where students will have the chance to work, get aid and build a competitive resume and help the environment.

3. Absolutely that’s what I proposed at the debates. My Web site will be up so students know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and what’s left to do so you can keep me accountable. I’m not going to work for myself, but for the 36,000 students I’m serving.

4. Yes there is a relation. Student retention rates have a relationship to school spirit most but most students quit school because we can’t afford tuition or pay for textbooks. My plan is to go step-by-step and tackling programs one at a time so they can stay in school.

5. As I’ve said in the debates I support the statue but what I don’t support is students paying for it. I am for it as long as alumni would pay. If they don’t want to fully pay for it we’d start looking at outside sponsorships or the university itself. The fees students pay for the A.S. fees have to be used for students and not the statue. Especially when students have to work part-time to afford textbooks.

Abel Pacheco
Major: Political science
Year: Senior
Currently involved in: USU vice chair of board of directors, Hermanos Unidos, Tau Kappa Epsilon, North Campus board of directors, Associated Students.

1. I think my textbook online marketplace would help students save money by having students buy and sell textbooks in the student government Web site. It helps students save money and earn money while helping to create a community feel on campus. One thing that A.S. is looking into currently is providing internships here on campus.

2. I have a lot of goals, but my first emphasis is to create a textbook online marketplace so students develop a social network for students as soon as possible. Second is pushing the university to be more green by phasing out blue books for green books and moving us in the right direction.

3. I’m going to be accountable and transparent by publishing my presidents report within the Sundial so students here on campus know what I’m doing and working on, but also on that note installing a common/suggestion/concerns box right outside the president and vice presidents office so students on campus can keep me on my toes.

4. Yes because it’s proven that the more a student is involved on campus which helps promote school spirit. When your involved in a club or organization on campus your more likely to finish college. Therefore you want to encourage and assists clubs and orgs on campus. So that they can better assist students on those clubs and orgs get internships, job experience and networking skills.

5. I think there’s no better time than the 50th anniversary of CSUN to hold a fundraiser for alumni to help finance the matador statue. You can invite corporate sponsors to help with financing as well. But also encourage them to give money to other programs here on campus such as tutoring, scholarships and provide job opportunities.

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