?Tamales de Puerco? premiers this week

Alexander Viray

The Department of Deaf Studies, Department of Chicano/a Studies, and Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature are proudly presenting the play ‘Tamales de Puerco.’

‘Tamales de Puerco’ tells the tale of a Mexican tamale vendor who learns that her son is deaf. She also must fight against her abusive husband and her own personal self-imposed handicaps to reach her goals for her and her son. The play was written by Mercedes Floresislas who is the mother of a deaf child and works as a substitute teacher.

The trilingual play incorporates American Sign Language, English, Spanish and even some Spanglish.

Floresislas said, ‘It is the only play of its kind.’

With the disparity of Latino actors, particularly deaf characters, in TV and film it was only a matter of time before ‘Tamales de Puerco’ came about. Floresislas said we all work with issues regardless of who we are or what background we come from.

In addition to being the playwright, Floresislas will also be starring in the play, which will also feature CSUN students Jessica Wells, Sarah Hogeland and others.

With ‘Tamales de Puerco’ Floresislas hopes to both educate and inform the audience while also entertain.

She said, ‘At the very least you will learn some bad words in sign language, and that is priceless.’