A.S. election results are in

Daily Sundial Staff

While Abel Pacheco and Conor Lansdale of the Students for Change slate received about 500 more votes than Andrew Collard and Arthur Keukazian of the A-Team, they must still face off next week for the run-off elections.

In order to secure the presidential and vice presidential seat the slate must receive 50 percent of the votes plus one vote. When this fails to occur a run-off is held.

The runoff elections will also include the candidates for the Arts, Media and Communication senate seat after one of the candidates, Julio Palacol, was left out of the ballot.

The run-offs will take place on April 1 and 2.

1223 ‘- Abel Pacheco and Conor Lansdale’ (Students for Change)

730 ‘- Andrew Collard and Arthur Keukazian (A-Team)

Upper Division Senator ‘- Austin Ysais (Students for Change)
Senator At-Large ‘- Mariel Reyes and Devin O’Neal (Students for Change)
Graduate Senator – Dan Monteleone (Independent)
Senator of the College of Business and Economics ‘- Domingo Gonzalez (Students for Change)
Lower Division ‘- Stephanie Vajda (A-Team)
Engineering and Computer Science ‘- Stephen Li (Students for Change)
Health and Human Development ‘- Eboni Blanche (Students for Change)
Science and Math ‘- Yasmin Nadershahi (Students for Change)
Humanities – Claudia Lopez (C.S.U.N.)
Social and Behavioral Science ‘- Tonantzin Oble (Students for Change)
USU ‘- Luis Carbajo, Andrew Collard, Abel Pacheco, Allison Kent and Megan Dominguez