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Students stay home during spring break

Spring break has always been a time for students to get crazy and let loose. They can run around and act wreckless because they are young and free. But this year things are changing for some students around CSUN.

‘I am probably going to spend my break looking for an internship and working,’ said Jordan-Alicia Machado, a 22-year-old biology major. ‘I have bills to pay so I can’t really go anywhere this year.’

With the economy continuing its downward slope, people have to change the way they celebrate their week off. Instead of their normal antics, they have to cut back a little.

‘Most of my friends are staying home for the break,’ said Machado about her friends choices compared to previous spring breaks.

She has also had to give up on trips she has taken in the past.

‘Last year I went to Europe,’ said Machado. ‘I went with my family to the (United Kingdom) and it was so much fun.’

There are also things going on south of the border that have caused some people to change their plans. Actually on this campus, an entire organization had to change their plans.

Tony Espinoza, a 20-year-old theatre major, is a part of S.W.A.T., Summer Winter Action Tour, a group that plans large events for college students over their breaks. This year S.W.AT. planned on going to Ensenada, Mexico but things changed.

‘Parents didn’t want their kids going there because they didn’t feel it was safe,’ said Espinoza. ‘We’ve had to move the trip to Palm Springs.’

Palm Springs?

Not really the greatest spring break spot, said Karen Fraggi, a 22-year-old psychology major.

‘Spring break has always been a big thing for me,’ said Fraggi. ‘Cancun, Miami, Lake Havasu, Vegas or San Diego, those are real trips. Palm Springs is so dry and it’s for old people.’

Not to mention the fact that it is a major down grade. Machado said she would be upset if she had to deal with that kind of change.

‘You have all this anticipation and then you have to go somewhere like that,’ said Machado. ‘I’m from the Riverside area so it would definitely be a big disappointment.’

Even if they were to continue with the Mexico trip one student doesn’t think he would go.

‘It seems like a total tool fest,’ said Alex Samovitz, an 18-year-old CTVA major. ‘I would much rather go somewhere with friends.’

Samovitz plans to do his own little trip, not Palm Springs but something still close by.

‘I’m going to SLO (San Louis Obispo) to meet up with some old friends,’ said Samovitz. ‘I’m going to enjoy my time surfing and I’ll head home to Bakersfield for a couple of days.’

Even with people backing out of big trips like Mexico, S.W.A.T. found ways to make the ‘old people’ place fun, said Espinoza.

‘S.W.A.T. plans different events with all types of performers like Three 6 Mafia and Living Legends,’ said Espinoza. ‘It’s like something you see on T.V.’

He said the trip is a once in a lifetime experience that people shouldn’t miss out on.

But compared to previous years, people are starting to miss out.

‘With the way the economy is we have lost a lot of people that have gone in previous years,’ said Espinoza. ‘We were looking for around 180, and we’re still short, and it starts next week.’

So with the economy going down and Mexico not the safest bet, local spots are the next best option.

‘The interesting thing about L.A. is people come here to vacation,’ said Fraggi. ‘At least you still get the option to hang out with people from different areas while staying home.’

Home is a comfortable place but comfort shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind for the mid-semester break. Students should be running wild, going on trips like the one S.W.A.T. planned. But money has become more important than fun.

‘A lot of my friends are going to spend time finding jobs,’ said Fraggi. ‘They have to make a sacrifice and since a lot of them are losing their jobs it’s difficult to get away.’

Maybe it’s part of growing up that leaves students without the means of having a vacation, or maybe there are other things holding people back from being too adventurous. Whatever the reason, spring break should be about having fun.

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