A.S. elections go to run-offs

Adolfo Flores

The white tents will once again be pitched up along with the street team workers trying to get students to walk underneath them and exercise their right to vote for their Associated Students president in the run-off elections.

After last weeks elections Students for Change received 1,223 votes with the runner up, A-Team, receiving 730 votes. However the former didn’t receive enough votes to secure the elections.

While Abel Pacheco and Conor Lansdale of the Students for Change slate received about 500 more votes than Andrew Collard and Arthur Keukazian of the A-Team, they must still face off next week for the run-off elections.

‘We were expecting a run-off because we have four slates,’ said Director of elections Mazen Hafez. ‘In order to win one candidate would have to have way more votes than everyone else.’

In order to secure the presidential and vice presidential seat the slate must receive 50 percent plus one vote, said Hafez. When this fails to occur a run-off is held and in this case they’ll be held April 1 and 2.

The run-off elections are projected to cost $11,000. They will also include the candidates for the Arts, Media and Communication senate seat after one of the candidates, Julio Palacol, was left out of the ballot last week.

‘I wasn’t surprised but I was hoping we would win outright,’ Lansdale said. ‘We’re going to continue campaigning by word of mouth, doing classroom presentations to make sure people know there’s run-off elections because some people didn’t even know there were elections last week.’