Looking for justice a year later

Laura Stace

A year has passed since CSUN senior Clifton Hibbert Jr. was fatally shot in downtown Los Angeles.

As Hibbert and his friend Kenneth Patterson walked down the 4000 block of S. Figueroa St., they were shot from behind. To date the murders remain unsolved.

To mark the anniversary, family and friends canvassed the neighborhood last Sunday where the murders took place and urged those with any information to come forward.

‘That was my baby boy that got murdered on the street,’ said Hibbert’s mother Donna Brown.

Hibbert was 22 at the time of his death.

Brown said that there are too many senseless killings in the community and no one is taking a stand.

‘My heart is breaking people, we have to do something. I miss my son’hellip;every day I wake up and I don’t see Cliff,’ she said.

President of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association Eddie Jones said he still gets chills when he thinks about what happened to Hibbert, who was just weeks away from graduating.

‘Somebody saw something and someone knows the truth,’ said Jones, who participated in the event. ‘We are tired of unsolved murders.’

Collin Williams joined the door-to-door appeal to see if anyone had information about his close friends murder.

‘We want to bring awareness to the neighborhood that it’s not a problem to speak up on this injustice and that there are outlets you can contact other than the police,’ said Williams.

Cliff was a very loving person he was a leader and he had goals, said Hibbert’s sister Ayanna Parker.

‘He had dreams and someone decided to cut those dreams short. We cannot become immune to unsolved crimes,’ said Parker.

People have information but out of concern for their safety they would rather not come forward, said author Earl Ofari Hutchinson at the event.

‘We’re here to send the message that if you commit a murder, you are going to have to pay the price,’ said Hutchinson.

Junior kinesiology major Uyi Igodan was one of the last people to see Hibbert alive.

‘We went to the same party and then he left to go to the city, I didn’t hear him or see him after that,’ said Igodan, who participated in the event.

‘I cannot comment on how his mother must feel,’ said Jones as he wrapped his arm around Brown’s shoulders. ‘We support her and we will continue to support her until we get these killers off the streets.’

For more information visit www.justiceforcliff.com