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Daily Sundial

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Staff Editorial, Week 12: The media blitz needs to stop

For the past several weeks ’60 Minutes,’ ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’ ‘Face the Nation’ and a virtual town hall meeting have all had one thing in common. They were all stops on President Barack Obama’s media blitz campaign.’

Wait, didn’t he already win the presidency?’ Wasn’t the election last November?’ Why is he still plastering his face all over the news now 83 days into his term?’ Is he trying to sell something or just continuing to slay the American public with his preacher like oratory and grace.’

The amount of face time the president of the most powerful country in the world is displaying is absurd and should stop.’ Well, maybe not the most powerful country in the world anymore by the end of this year, but Obama is certainly the most popular celebrity in the world.’ It’s no surprise, but rather bothersome.’ That’s proof of the times and the plugged-in world we live in.

Obama has already conducted two primetime news conferences, whereas Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did only four apiece during the 16 years they served total.’ OK, so that’s part of being president, but what about all of the other airtime and public appearances Obama has done?’ Is it really necessary?’

Obama may live up to the hype that surrounds him and he may be the face of change and engineer of progress.’ The man inherited, potentially, the largest economic crisis in our nation, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.’

There’s the gas and environmental crisis, Mexican border crisis with immigration and drugs and let’s not forget the trouble in the Middle East that is becoming more focused in Afghanistan and Pakistan.’ And then there’s the mess on Wall Street, the AIG bonus issue and the state of the automobile industry.’

Sounds like he has his hands full.

We’re all aware of these issues because he is repeatedly discussing them in front of the camera, especially on his Barack ‘n’ roll tour over the past few weeks.’ All the more reason for the president to head back home to Washington D.C., hunker down behind closed doors with the big guns on Capitol Hill, and emerge from the White House, or wherever he wants to be productive, with tangible results.’ Maybe even make an example out of someone.

This may sound rash and he’s only been in the White House for 83 days, but at least if he is back in Washington he can baby-sit the cronies of the U.S. Treasury, corporate executives and Congress, particularly Sen. Chris Dodd [D-Con.].

Another problem is the fact it might not be the brightest idea having so much of the president’s thoughts, plans and ideas wired.’ Something so instantaneous such as the president’s continuous oratory and agendas causes the citizens of the country to become stir crazy and impatient.’

Even though it takes time to see progress, maybe if Obama didn’t tell us 100 times while on a celebrity tour then maybe we wouldn’t be gouging our eyes out like this.’ Go home Mr. President, close the doors and get to work. Words are invisible progress and America wants substance.’ Please stop the marketing campaign for change, hope and progress.’ With this plugged-in generation, that is yesterday’s news.

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