From folk to soul and back again

Alexander Viray

Van Nuys is probably one of the last places one would think of to look to discover brilliant and captivating folk music. But all things aside, Jenny Lewis brings forth remarkably creative and memorable performance out of the valley that is a breath of fresh air in today’s music scene.

Lewis performed at the Glass House in Pomona to a packed house of eager, new and diehard fans. When Lewis took the stage the crowd screamed with admiration. It was obvious she had a strong following exemplified by the turnout.

Lewis and her band played an especially solid set of music that incorporated styles of folk, indie and soul. Her performance had songs ranging from slow acoustic melodies that could delightfully serenade someone, to upbeat folk-rock songs that whipped up a high-energy dance scene. Lewis’s songs were both catchy and charming, extremely fun to listen to.

Her music and style was ‘clean, pure and angelic,’ said fan Nicole Frazier. ‘She’s timeless.’

What sets Lewis apart from others is her vocal talent. She has an amazing voice, one that’s soulful and unique. Lewis can sing with the softest hum of a lullaby yet still bring out passion and attitude through a broad range of pitches. But coupled with the ability to play guitar it displayed the pure talent and progression that Lewis has.

‘Because of her gentle and charismatic nature she was capable of giving a really humble performance that not everybody can do nowadays,’ said fan Ana Rosa Murillo.

On stage it’s obvious Lewis feels at home. Lewis worked the crowd and all of the hollers and applause after every song showed just how much the audience loved her music.

Watching her sing, play guitar and dance along to her own songs with the enthusiasm of a new star made the show an unforgettable experience.

‘She was awesome, she rocked my socks off,’ said fan Evelin Sosa.
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