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Have a drink at Parker River’s floating bar

College spring breakers load their trucks with duffel bags, bikinis and beer bongs and head on Highway 95 towards Lake Havasu City, Arizona. At the lake, party crowds unpack their belongings and get ready to let loose from a tough spring semester.

But what most Havasu travelers drive right past is the river that winds just south of the lake. Parker River flows from Havasu, but creates an atmosphere all in its own. It seems like a hidden gem that vacationers often miss.

Crisp waters wind through rocky canyons and make up the Parker strip. The paradise in the middle of the desert used to be a popular destination for partygoers in the 70s but has yet to be revisited by college spring breakers of today.

Some of the amenities along the riverside are floating restaurants and bars. The Roadrunner, Fox’s and Badenock’s are three locations that can’t be missed. The bars sit on docks directly on the water.

Vacationers can tie their boats up to the dock and immediately step into the bar in their bathing suits and sandals. No need to dress fancy and to make reservations. Just watching the sunset while sipping a Mai Thai is a vacation in itself.

While the waves that come from the boats may make the ground unsettling, these river bars are worth more than the slight motion sickness.

For the most part it’s easy to forget the bars are on top of rocking docks. And because the cute bartenders and fun locals keep everyone entertained, most can hold their ground and their liquor.

The Roadrunner serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner and of course, Road Rapers. It only takes one of these colossal drinks with a generous amount of alcohol to start the night off right. Served in a blinking cup for even more enjoyment, the Road Raper is a must have drink when visiting Parker.

Aside from the bars, visitors can anchor their boats on sand bars or beaches and layout under the clear skies. Parasailing adventures take people from the boat to the skies for even more breathtaking heights. The Blue Water Casino also lines the river with everything from gambling to waterslides.

Parker makes for the ultimate vacation with its relaxing river waters and fun destinations.

Maybe it’s a good thing partygoers drive past Parker and head to Lake Havasu. Parker River can still be a party spot without the overwhelming crowds and commercial hype.

It’s a relaxing atmosphere to forget about work, school and responsibilities.

So when summer comes along, pass on by Havasu and discover what people have been missing for the last 30 years.

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