Everyone deserves an education

Alexandra Chavez

Regardless of citizenship, there shouldn’t be any reason why a person with the desire to learn shouldn’t be given the opportunity to pursue higher education. In the state of California, Assembly Bill 540 makes it possible for illegal immigrants to have the chance to attend a public four-year university. But the problem that arises is many people are against the concept of giving these students the opportunity to excel in this country, even though they are here illegally. There should be a memo sent out to all proponents of AB 540 that by trying to get in the way of another person’s education they are being ignorant and showing their lack of knowledge.

AB 540 allows illegal immigrant students to pay in state tuition at California Colleges and Universities. In order to qualify for AB 540, immigrant students have to attend a California high school for at least three years, graduate from high school or receive the equivalent General Education Diploma as well as file an affidavit stating that they have applied for a lawful immigration status or will apply as soon as they are eligible to do so.

Immigrant students who qualify for AB 540 have proven to be dedicated and determined to achieve their goals of higher education and civic duty. Their passion for public service in roles of doctors, teachers and lawyers is not only prominent but promising despite their citizenship. The societal impact of determined educated immigrants can only be positive and rewarding to this state. In supporting AB 540 students attend a higher education institution; we are supporting a better future for us all.