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Death metal appeals to new fans

Condemption won over the crowd last Friday night with their performance at the Sabor Bar and Lounge.

The hardcore death metal band performed Baptism of Perdition, Divinity in Flames, Tranquility/Lost, Putrid Faith, Descendent of Tragedy and Anaphylactic Shock (six of their most popular songs) to a crowd of about 40 people.

Although there were other bands that performed the crowd seemed to gravitate to Condemption. Everyone at the bar was up on of their feet and really getting into the performance.

It is a different experience when people are able to go to the band’s shows and experience

Condemption wants to make sure the crowd is having a good time even if the crowd really isn’t into their music, said Oscar Prado, guitar player.

The band started about six years ago in an eleventh grade class at Burbank High School.

‘Alex used to see me drumming on the desk in class and one day he came up to me and asked if I wanted to join a band,’ said Jaymez Hadley, drummer.

Soon after, the band set out to find its third and fourth members began holding practice regularly. A friend of the band’s old bass player came up with the name Condemption and the guys went on from there.’ The band began to book shows in venues such as Paladino’s, the Colbalt Caf’eacute;, and the Key Club in Hollywood.

What began as a band pieced together in high school has become a family that loves to play music together.

The band is just about playing music and having fun, said Hadley.

‘We are serious but we aren’t at the same time. If we get signed then cool, but if not then that’s cool too. We are just a group of guys jamming out,’ said Hadley.’

Each band member is different, varying both in personality as well as musical interest and influence. It is the differences between the band members and their different influences that helps to contribute to the originality of the band, said Barrett.

‘We are always inventive. We write what influences us at the time, so it changes often but we still have a style,’ said Prado.

The music that Condemtion plays may not be what a certain audience typically listens to, but good music is good music, said Prado.

The band gives people the benefit of the doubt and asks people to give them the benefit of the doubt in return.

‘We’re looked down on in society because of our appearance. We’re the outcast and we want them to take chance on us,’ said Barrett.

Condemption has an upcoming show at the Colbalt Caf’eacute; and they are currently looking for a bassist to join the band. More information about Condemption can be found on their myspace at

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