CSUN music groups? ?Rockapella? hits a high note at The Unknown Theater

Matt Villa

For those of you sick of being bombarded on campus with annoying fliers and their useless information, you might want reconsider paying closer attention to the ones that say ‘FREE BEER’ on them.

The lucky crowd that got into Thursday night’s concert at The Unknown Theater in Los Angeles witnessed an eclectic lineup of musical acts ranging from CSUN’s first ever pop/rock a capella group Acasola, followed by the psychedelic-folk-rock trio known as Decelis, and ending the night with indie-hop’s best-dressed headliners who call themselves Wicker.

The Unknown Theater’s staff made frequent trips to the store throughout the night in order to keep up with the many thirsty mouths awaiting the evolution of sounds perpetuated by the endless flow of free beer.

Thanks to CSUN’s Public Relation group SASS, the night turned out to be a huge success and they were able to pay out all three bands and the venue, on top of providing the concert’s attendees with a fully-stocked bar and a back-up team of beer runners.

Attendance was estimated to be between 250 and 300 people who were eagerly on time for Acasola’s performance.’ The group’s art form, which takes pop/rock favorites and orchestrates their instruments into vocal arrangements layered over beat box rhythms, is a first of its kind for CSUN.’ Unlike most other college a capella groups comprised of mostly music majors, Acasola remains to be a group of individuals that differ in majors and backgrounds but connect through their shared passion for singing and putting CSUN on the map.

Since Acasola’s start in 2006, the group has managed to purchase there own house on HGTV’s House Hunter, in addition to receiving this year’s First Runner Up at the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella Semi-Finals.

Although Rockapella was the first show where Acasola performed alongside groups with instruments, the show’s coordinators have given no official word for when or if there is another concert like this in the near future.’ However, Acasola’s next performance can be seen every Friday under Sierra Tower at noon as well as their big Soul Train concert on May 9th at the Northridge Center on campus.’ Doors open at 5:30