Citrus combats poverty

Adolfo Flores

Fire stations have been used as collection sites in the past four years that the event has been held, said Matt Myerhoff communications director for councilman Greig Smith.

However it’s the first time Neighborhood Councils and the Valley Interfaith Council will have volunteers at the stations to receive the fruit.

Myerhoff noted that because of the recession it’s more important than ever to have the event.

‘It’s more important because more and more people depend on food banks during a recession and less people make food donations,’ he said.

How to Participate in Citrus Sunday:
‘bull;’ ‘ ‘ Pick the oranges, grapefruits or other citrus from the trees in
your yard up to three days in advance.
‘bull;’ ‘ ‘ Wash them and put them in plastic bags.
‘bull;’ ‘ ‘ Drop them off at any participating San Fernando Valley Fire Station on May 3, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

For more information on Citrus Sunday, please visit or
call (818) 756-8501.