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Obama doesn?t pass with flying colors

The United States has a terrible history of mistreatment towards African Americans in this country. Although we now have the first black president, I wonder if things have changed that much. As Attorney General Eric Holder said back in February in reference to race relations in the country, ‘Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot in things racial, we have always been, and we, I believe, continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.’

The other day I was visiting a friend in my hometown in Orange County and his mom told me what she thought was a hilarious joke about nobody calling in sick in Washington, D.C., the day of Obama’s inauguration, because all the black people there celebrating didn’t have jobs.’ Ridiculous, right?’ This is the American culture to the core: Be fearful and hate ‘the other’ who’s going to steal your tax money by living on welfare and being lazy.

Naively trusting Republicans to work with you: A-

Despite what the corporate media would love to convince you, we don’t live in a ‘post-racial’ or ‘post-partisan’ country.’ Being anything other than a white male still puts you at a disadvantage, and republicans are still cruel and heartless.’ To forget either of these two basic facts in pursuit of ignorant-free ‘bi-partisan’ harmony puts us all in danger.’
Why does Obama care what the republicans will think?’ The right wing nuts on Fox News and talk radio are going to scream bloody murder no matter what he does, so why doesn’t he really just go for it and usher in European-style socialism?
In the issue of race relations, we as a country, and Obama himself, have a long way to go.

Health care: F
When Obama announced his health care summit at the White House, everyone was invited and all options were on the table.’ Everyone except an advocate for single payer health insurance, that is.’ Upon much pressure, several were invited including Rep. John Conyers, Jr., [D-Mich] who wrote HR 676, which would bring universal Medicare to all Americans.’ Lobbyists for the health insurance and drug companies were there in force, and Obama hasn’t ruled out: raising the retirement age, privatizing social security, or cutting social security benefits.’ The one thing he absolutely ruled out was single payer.

Education: C

He hasn’t announced any plan to take on the teacher’s unions and make it easier to fire abusive/alcoholic teachers with tenure.’ He has no plans to repeal No Child Left Behind, the law that mandates military recruiters access to children younger than 18-years-old and makes a big deal out of standardized testing.’ This testing is what schools now teach their students to study for, not actually learning critical thinking skills, or real world applicable knowledge.’ However, he increased the maximum amount for Pell Grants and gave California some money, without which California State Universities would really be in trouble.

Being a 3rd Bush term in regard to civil liberties: A+
In his first 100 days, Obama has continued more Bush policies than I care to think about. From the raping of the taxpayers to pay off Wall Street criminals, to invoking ‘state secrets’ arguments to dismiss lawsuits from people we tortured.’ According to one report the torture has gotten worse in Guantanamo since he’s been in office.’ He announced he’s closing the Guantanamo gulag, but not for a year and some of those people might just be shipped off to Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan, where they are still tortured and held indefinitely, or will be tried in some sort of military commission where evidence obtained by torture will be admissible.

Being a 3rd Bush term in regard to not prosecuting war criminals: A+
The worst thing is Obama thinks ‘we need to look forward not backwards’ and ‘this isn’t the time for retribution, it’s a time for healing.” No, this isn’t a commercial for the next very special Dr. Phil show. He’s talking about giving universal clemency to war criminals.’ He denied prisoner of war status to detainees and instead held them indefinitely, kidnapped them and tortured them all around the world.’ Our treaty obligations don’t stipulate that if the country is really having economic problems and the president has a lot on his plate, that it’s cool to go ahead and waterboard, or lock people up in little boxes so they can barely breathe.’

Economic Recovery: C+
The stimulus package he got through Congress was woefully inadequate.’ It certainly looks as though the economy may still be in freefall when he’s up for reelection.’

If you’re not depressed enough by already reading this article, think about what will happen if he loses the election in 2012.’ We’re looking at a President Palin, Jindal, Gingrich, Romney, or Huckabee.’ Maybe President Palin (I just threw up in my mouth a little writing that) will be able to see Russia from the White House.’

I’m not really disappointed in Obama.’ I knew who he would choose as his advisors, his record and the people bribing, I mean in a wonderful expression of our First Amendment, donating to his campaign.’ In the end I knew better going into this hope-athon, but a lot of people didn’t and a lot of people are really heartbroken.’ They got punk’d by ‘change.’

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