EEC preps for semester

Jacy DeFilippo

CSUN’s Educational Equity committee (EEC) had its first of four meetings for this semester on Monday. The committee is responsible for maintaining diversity and equality in the 12 academic departments on campus.

Ed Alfano, a faculty senate executive representative, expressed concerns from faculty about participation in the various groups, he was a guest at the meeting.

‘The faculty is sometimes reluctant to serve, fully engage in committees and people put their names forward and get on committees and then don’t go to meetings,’ Alfano said.’ ‘The more we participate, the less the administration will dictate.’ ‘

Members are required to attend meetings, workshops and make presentations. He went over various responsibilities and tasks that members take part in. After giving the committee an overview he expressed his gratitude for the services provided for the university.

EEC is currently looking for a member to be a co-chair to chair Maria Elena Bellard.’ The co-chair will take over the position of a chair next year.’ ‘ There have not been any volunteers as of yet.

There are three EEC subcommittees.’ Recruitment and Retention is responsible for hiring and diversity workshops and also collects data to analyze trends and patterns on campus. Campus Climate focuses on racism and attitudes within the faculty and website manages online content and highlights their accomplishments.

Financial oversight of departmental spending was an item on the agenda that was discussed.

‘I think the issue about how money is distributed is extremely important and if it were an open procedure, at the end of fall semester we could see who got what money,’ said Julia Heinen, a faculty member from the music department.

The committee discussed the implementation of a manual that would outline policies in faculty departments. Currently only a few departments have their policies outlined. They stressed the importance of being organized from the beginning of the semester to ensure a successful term.