Americans take action to be united

Katie Christiansen

With the building fervor over the presidential race, I finally feel for the first time in seven years that Americans are patriotic, with or without a red, white and blue flag waving from’ the door of their SUV.

The changes the American people have made in the past seven years speaks more of their patriotism than any amount of ‘Together We Stand’ bumper stickers could ever express.

The nationwide interest in politics, the enthusiasm over the presidential candidates, regardless of political affiliation, even a simple switch from an abundance of Hummers to a fleet of more earth-friendly Priuses, speaks volumes of the American peoples’ constant interest in global affairs.

Sure the masses continually gripe about the state of airport security and perhaps less trivial matters, but the majority of Americans’ disenchantment with the current administration and an unpopular war speaks volumes of their concern for this country and their patriotism.

The millions of people that both attended the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and those that watched from home, are living proof that when it comes to patriotism, America doesn’t have a so-called seven year itch.

I only hope that come November my belief in the American people does not prove baseless. While we remember the families of the fallen on that fateful day, the heroes and the horrors, the most important message we can send them is that we won’t forget, we do care, and we are involved. We can vote.

By taking an interest in our nation’s future, we can preserve the traditions of the past. By voting, the American people can stand up and be heard. We can champion the fallen by supporting the system that that they died for. The heroics exemplified on that fateful day are the essence of the American dream.

We have shown our ability to embody patriotism with more than collector’s items and novelty flags, let’s continue to prove our pride with the most patriotic of acts. Vote.
After all, actions speak louder than words.