CSUN community holds a memorial in honor of Jusdeep “Peace” Sethi

John Saringo-Rodriguez

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Jusdeep Sethi’s family celebrate Sethi’s life with the CSUN community at the Matador Square on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Photo credit: John Saringo-Rodriguez / Photo Editor

Mandeep Sethi performs a rap in dedication to his younger brother Jusdeep Sethi who drowned at Big Bear Lake on Aug. 11. Photo credit: Loren Townsley / Editor in Chief

CSUN Botanical Gardens staff teaches Brande Hoofkin (Right), 23, CSUN Alumnus how to grow plants and herbs in an environmentally friendly way at the Jusdeep’s Birthday Block Party held at Matador Walk, Tuesday, Sept. 10. Photo credit: Victoria Becerril / Daily Sundial

Jusdeep Sethi’s girlfriend, Khushboo Gulati, 19, says that her paintings of Sethi express his spirit and vision of community development and how he would work on building his character. Photo credit: John Saringo-Rodriguez / Photo Edito