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Now virginity is for sale?

Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite radio show is said to be auctioning off a young woman’s virginity this Tuesday.’

The woman, who goes by the pseudonym Natalie Dylan, will be selling her virginity through bids coming in from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch website, a brothel in Nevada where her sister works.’

However, Stern claims he did not want to be involved in the actual auctioning ‘- he just wanted to get an interview and find out why a woman would want to do such a thing.
Dylan, 22, is doing this because allegedly her stepfather had taken out student loans under her name, as well as her sisters’.’

A recent Sacramento State graduate, Dylan got the idea from a Peruvian woman who auctioned off her virginity for $1.5 million.’ ‘ With Nevada laws allowing prostitution, which is what this essentially is, in certain counties and only in brothels, Dylan teamed up with Moonlite Bunny Ranch after getting rejected by eBay.’ She hopes the bidding will hit $1 million.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think grad school costs anything close to $1 million.’ Even taking into account the loans her stepfather allegedly took out in her name and loans from a state college where she got her bachelor’s degree, I hardly think that would total anywhere near $1 million.’

Dylan constantly contradicts herself, saying that she wants to do this to make money to put herself through school, but also said the winner won’t necessarily be the highest bidder, but at the same time hopes to make $1 million?’ She says she wants someone ‘with chemistry,’ whatever that means.’

How do you know if you have chemistry with someone through a website in which they are bidding to take your virginity?

Dylan also says that she has no moral dilemma with the auction.’ If she doesn’t, there are many bloggers out there who do.’

The Internet has been buzzing with the news of the virginity auction, with backlash regarding her goals of achieving a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. One blogger responded with obvious questions: ‘Her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy???? Are you kidding me? (Mental note: Do not use this woman for marriage counseling.)’

Dennis Hof, proprietor of Moonlite Bunny Ranch, thinks that Dylan has the right idea about losing her virginity saying, ‘I think it’s a tremendous idea.’ Why lose it to some guy in the backseat of a Toyota when you can pay for your education?” ‘ Pardon me, but did those words really come out of his mouth?’

Even with many girls losing their virginity before marriage, there are still many more girls saving themselves for someone they hope to be with for the rest of their life.’ The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 54 percent of high school girls are still virgins.’ ‘ Who loses it in a backseat of a car nowadays anyway?’

Dylan feels auctioning off her virginity is empowering and says, ‘We live in a capitalist society, why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?’ Of course society has constantly pounded into our heads that sex equals money and in most cases it works out for both sides. There are already people who make a living off of selling sex and Dylan will just be another.’

So does she want to make a lot of money, or does she want a companion, someone with ‘chemistry’ as she said?’ Although the situation is an unfortunate one, there are so many other ways to get through college without selling your body.’ Has she tried to report her stepfather for identity theft?’ If he did take out loans under her name, why didn’t she report it to the U.S. Department of Education?

Auctioning off her virginity sounds like the easy way out. Whatever happened to actually working hard to achieve your goals?’ Some people work more than one job and go to school, which is a tremendous effort.’ Seems Dylan wants to get paid for one night of lying on her back so she won’t have to work as hard as the rest of us to earn an education.’ Becoming a stripper to pay for school sounds more appealing than auctioning off something that could never be taken back. It’s more of a noble effort then having sex for money.

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