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New security measures in dorms

Walking to his dorm on a Tuesday night carrying an armful of groceries, annoyed Senior Sean Mosley stops to show his ID to Community Security Officers. New security procedures were implemented in the CSUN dorms this semester. With gate closures every night, resident IDs must be checked in order to enter the complex.

‘I think the locks (gate closures) are an inconvenience for the simple fact that not a lot goes on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday,’ Mosley said. ‘These are days that people usually use more to study, get their work done and go to work. No one throws a party on a Tuesday. People are trying to get through their week.’

In addition to daily closures housing added a guest registration policy.’ All gates, except for those on Lindley and Zelzah streets, are closed from 7 p.m. until 3 a.m. and guests are required to be checked in by a resident at the Lindley gate.

Terry Piper, vice president for student affairs, said these changes are in response to uninvited guests causing trouble in the dorms.

‘The residence halls instituted what is called a perimeter security system. That means that residents and guests are checked in at the entrance of the complex as opposed to the entrance to the building,” said Piper.

Piper justified the new measures and precautions in the housing facilities. He said records show a majority of problems caused in the residence halls is a result of uninvited guests on the premises.’ He also added that requiring residents to show identification will reduce the event of uninvited guests.

While some residents are inconvenienced by the security changes Tim Trevan, director of student housing and conference services, said he believes most people are happy the new system is in place.

‘We’ve heard from a handful of students, fewer than a dozen that I know of personally, who have not been happy with the inconvenience,’ said Trevan. ‘My suspicion is that the number of students who are comforted by the new system far outweighs the number of students that have been inconvenienced.’

Joel Hernandez a senior, resident advisor and guest registration assistant, said he likes the new security procedures, though they can be frustrating at times.

‘I like them because it makes the RA job a lot easier and makes the campus a lot safer,’ said Hernandez. ‘It is a hassle with the gates but I think that this next semester or this year it will change, evolve to something that’s a little bit easier for residents but still safe to live here.’

Even though security is stronger than it once was, Hernandez has noticed ways unwanted guests can beat the system.

‘I think there are still a lot of holes in the process, like people jumping over fences and stuff like that,’ he said. ‘I don’t think there will be anything that is 100 percent safe because you can never plan for everything all the time.’

Piper said ultimately it will be more beneficial than bothersome.

‘I think in the moment, its inconvenient because they haven’t experienced the consequence to having this new security,’ Piper said. ‘Its worth the complaints and adjustments that everyone has to go through. Security, like in an airport, is a real hassle if you don’t need it but if you ever need it you’ll be glad that it was there.’

The reporter is currently an RA in the CSUN dorms. Visit her blog Dormgasm.

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