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Organizations Unite for End-Dependence Day

Dancers, poets, and speakers joined together for the annual End-Dependence Day event held at The Chicano House on Sept. 19 in an effort to share culture and discuss issues affecting ethnic communities.

Organizations such as MEChA, and the Central American United Students Association were present at the event.

‘End-Dependence Day is a day to spread awareness and consciousness in our community and to our countries of origin,’ said Alexis Montoya, chair of MECHA de CSUN.’ ‘Our countries depend on powerful countries. There are sweatshops in Mexico for cheap labor, (and) people taking away land.’

During the event, the Aztec Mexica Dancers performed. In the middle of their performance the dancers paused as one of their fellow members spoke about unity, struggle and the need for organization.

A panel also spoke about the Zapatista movement in Mexico. The Zapatista struggle is all about control over resources, particularly on the land on which they live.

The Zapatista combines social anarchism, libertarian Marxism, and Mayan political thought. ‘The community governs by obeying, they listen to the people, it’s a participatory democracy,’ said Chris Rodriguez who spoke at the panel.

There were other organizations that wanted to share their struggles, ideas and services as well. One was from the South Central Farm, a 14-acre territory that was donated in the early nineties, but has since been sold back. According to the farmer, the farmers raised millions of dollars to keep it, but were told, ‘even if you have money you don’t deserve it.’

The farmers continue to fight for their farm.

Another organization, known as Meting Every Need with Dignity (MEND) helps low-income families, many of which are Latino. Among the services are free Spanish and English classes.

Everyone seemed to embrace their heritage during the event with different organizations calling for an end on dependence and a beginning to autonomy.’

1. At the End-dependence activity, attendees where encouraged to write a message and pose in front of the new mural at the Chicana/o house annex. Photo by Mildred Martin.

2. CAUSistAs, selling pupusas during the event. Photo by Julia Morales.

3. A CSUN student making pupusas during the event. Photo by Julia Morales

4. Local artist Erika Friend, displayed some of her work. Photo by Martha Primera

5. An artists perception of the event, photo by Armando Ruiz, CSUN transfer student.

6. Bob Dylan inspired art by an unknown artist, was part of the art display at the Chicana/o house. Photo by Martha Primera

7. Ars Poetria, a Los Angeles Local experimental band, played and posed for pictures during the event. Photo by Mildred Martin.

8. Dr. Beatriz Cortez, sends a message to the community at the event. Photo by Mildred Martin.

9. Photo of the food booths at the event. Photo by Armando Ruiz

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