?Hook Me Up? with the Veronicas

Jacy DeFilippo

The Veronicas have released their second album titled ‘Hook Me Up’ that hit stores Sept. 16th.’ ‘Hook Me Up’ has already achieved double-platinum status in the girls’ native country Australia.

The 23-year-old twin sisters have a new album with a new twist to their sound.’ The Veronica’s first album ‘The Secret Life Of,’ possesses more of a pop-punk vibe as this album is more dance-friendly and beat-driven.’

The Veronicas are a triple threat team who sing, write and play guitar.’ This album shows a new direction of music for the duo examining a new electro-pop sound,. They were inspired by the electro-pop-punk scene that they were introduced to when they moved to Los Angeles.

It is rare that artists do their own work and not rely solely on the talent of other musicians and writers.’ The Veronicas are comparable to the lead singer of Paramore in the pop-punk realm of the music industry.

While listening to this album, you are taken on a journey of’ heartbreak, bitterness and misery.’ Songs such as ‘Wake Me Up’ reveal lyrics such as: ‘It feels just like I’m going crazy, I guess that this is breaking up, and now not even you can save me, will someone wake me up.’ Most of the songs are typical break up songs, a girl breaking up with a boyfriend and leaving with a broken heart that is never going to mend, etc.

Although the album is classified as dance-pop-punk, they have stuck to their roots of pop.’ The melody of each song is appealing to listeners.’ The choruses of each song are very catchy and most are fast-paced club songs on the verge of being techno.

The songs on this album are made for the club scene. This album falls into the categories of trendy, faced paced and original.’ Even though the words are depressing, the music is up beat and makes you want to go along with the beat.

Lyrically, the Veronicas are trying to fall into the mold of catchy pop songs that will sell their album.’ There is nothing special about the lyrics, however it is the music and vocals what will sell this record.