Classes to resume Tuesday


University officials said air quality showed to be at ‘acceptable’ levels throughout the campus and campus buildings.’ The university continues to monitor the fires, air quality, and traffic throughout the day, according the university’s website,

Normal schedule of classes and campus operations continue to resume this afternoon.

Full text:

Wildfires Update Tuesday, October 14, 2008 10:00 a.m.

President Koester made the decision in the early morning hours today (Tuesday, October 14), that California State University, Northridge would return to a normal schedule of classes and full support operations.

Air quality testing in campus buildings throughout the night and morning showed the air quality to be at acceptable levels. According to the California Highway Patrol, traffic conditions had improved significantly and traffic associated with people commuting to campus would not negatively affect firefighting and public safety efforts.

University personnel will continue to monitor the status of the fires, air quality, and traffic throughout the day, and continue to confer with other agencies. Should the situation change, notification will be provided.

The campus community is advised to exercise care for their health and well-being. The personal decision as to whether to stay on campus today should be based on considerations such as health, safety, and preservation of property. Anyone with a medical condition that might be aggravated by current conditions is encouraged to take personal precautions based on individual health concerns. Faculty and managers should make appropriate accommodations to anyone needing to miss work or classes for health reasons or to care for family and property threatened by the fires.