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Women?s rights groups raise awareness on props 4 ‘ 8

With the election a week away, among the most discussed measures in California are Prop. 4 and 8.

Prop. 4 calls for unemancipated minors who want an abortion to notify their parents, legal guardian or family member.

‘It would amend the Constitution, take away women’s right to access safe, legal, confidential abortion’hellip; It overturns Roe v. Wade,’ said Olivia Ortiz, campus organizer at CSUN for the Feminist Majority Foundation. ‘It doesn’t protect teens in negative homes.’

The FMF is a political non- profit organization which, according to the mission statement, promotes equality for women and men, non-violence, reproductive health, peace, social justice and economic development and to enhance feminist participation in public policy.’

‘It began 21 years ago with students on the UCLA campus fighting Prop. 209,’ said Ortiz. Prop. 209 was a measure that sought to make Affirmative action illegal.

Currently the FMF is trying to mobilize students at CSUN, to remind students and let them know about Props. 4 and 8.

Prop. 8 is a measure that would make same sex marriage in California illegal. If passed the state constitution will only recognize marriages as between a man and a woman. If passed, would take away the right to same-sex marriage in California, said Emily Pudalov, an assistant at FMF. ‘It singles out one group of people for discrimination,’ said’ Ortiz.

In preparation for election day, the campus’ FMF-affiliated organizations and university organizers have been putting together voter registration events, tabling, and working side by side with LGBTA groups. They are organizing election day awareness campaigns where volunteers will hold up signs on Nov. 4.

The campus organizers are made up of volunteers which participate in rallies, demonstrations and other events for legal and women’s rights. One of the affiliations of the FMF are the Women’s Research and Resource Center, which is also currently helping raise awareness on Props. 4 and 8.’ The center advocates awareness of social change, rape, domestic violence and eating disorders, said June Kwon, WRRC member.

Stephanie Montes, assistant director at the WRRC, said the group distributed flyers on Magnolia Walk to students in order to provide information about the propositions on the ballot.

‘We are registering people to vote, letting them know the pros and cons of (both propositions),’ said Kwon.

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