Filling meals on a tight budget

Diana Tran

Many Asian restaurants offer lunch specials and for three to four hours a day, hungry patrons can eat a full meal for six dollars or less.’

For convenience, something to ease your hunger and reasonable prices stop by Thai Chili House. Conveniently by campus, they serve up quick and filling Thai food.

The small restaurant’s dining room is cozy.’ It was hard not to imagine the discomfort one might feel if the place were packed. The tight quarters made it relatively easy to hear other patron’s conversations.

The staff is welcoming and eager to serve. Though the food comes out rather quickly, attentiveness can use some work.

They have a standard selection of Thai food though not all menu items are not available for’ the lunch special.

The chicken satay lunch portion includes rice, a vegetable egg roll, and soup or salad.’

Upon ordering the soup of the day, vegetable noodle, it was nothing special. The eggroll was cooked to a perfect crispiness but was also not impressive. Needless to say, both can easily be skipped.


The chicken satay can be difficult to break off and may need to be cut off. Aside from that, the satay smelled of a light curry. At first taste, the spice was subtly hinted at.’ After a chew or two, the curry flavor suddenly implodes beautifully weaving its way around the sweetness of the peanut sauce. It is not overpowering and manages to melt into the background.


The Thai iced tea is something to look forward to.’ With a good balance of tea and cream, not too much of one over the other you will want to order one for the road. The shaved-like ice was a perfect compliment, melting perfectly so that it didn’t water down too quickly.

Thai Chili house is worth the trek. It will fill you up and spare your wallet.

Thai Chili House
18110 Nordhoff St
Northridge, CA 91325