Voters discuss experiences

Jeffrey Holmes

CSUN students lined up at the Satellite Student Union and United Methodist Church to vote for president of the United States. Constituents near CSUN voted at United Methodist Church on Reseda.

‘I knew what I was going in there for’hellip; It was easy, I read all the measures,’ said Joey James, junior at CSUN.

Some voters discussed problems they faced at the polls.

‘This morning I voted at the SSU. There was a guy there not registererd, and the poll workers told him he couldn’t vote’hellip; I told him he can vote provisionally – they vote at a particular station, and they send them to the correct polling place,’ said Jonnae Thompson, a senior English major.

‘Some people walked away because they didn’t know that, I voted provisionally because they said I voted absentee when I didn’t.’

Jasmine Wills, sophomore at CSUN said the voting process was ‘a lot more difficult than I thought.’

Clint Pereira, a senior English major discussed some of his polling issues. ‘There was confusion. I accidently wrote the wrong address, they had trouble finding my name,’ said Pereira.

Some expressed their enthusiasm. ‘I’m proud of what Obama has done’hellip; Obama got so many people out there. I’m a McCain supporter but’hellip; It’s never been this way,’ said Katelyn Cox, sophmore business major. ‘I wanna make a change… If you don’t vote, you’re not in the fight,’ said Damon, a junior graphic arts major. ‘It was exciting, it was wonderful… The wait was well worth it,’ said Keishia Jervis, a sophmore deaf studies major. ‘It went smooth, it was a nice experience,’ said Asia Frances, sophmore CTVA major.

For many voters it was their first time voting, mainly because of age. For Jesus Contreas it was different.

‘Its my first election… I just became a U.S citizen,’ he said.

Some’ were willing to share who they voted for.

‘I voted for Barack Obama because of foreign policy,’ said Justin Lecair, graduating senior at CSUN.’ ‘McCain is not interested in diplomacy.’

‘I voted for Bush in the last two elections’hellip; I think republicans started focusing on issues that don’t affect the common American,’ said Chris Foster, a voter at’ the United Methodist Church.

‘ I voted for Obama mainly because of taxes… My family is low income and my family does not have enough money after taxes to support my family,’ said Foster.