A.S. discusses their failed election

Adolfo Flores

While several clubs and organizations received funds from Associated Students their technology support received the most by far for their upgrade.

Steve Deluca, network advisor for A.S., addressed the senate and urged that for his department to keep up with demands and be better organized they would need the $64,350 they requested.

‘Right now we are at a seven or eight and we need to be at a 10 to meet CSUN IT standards,’ Deluca said. ‘Please support our request.’

And support they did meeting there full demands.

Vice President, Nicole Umali, was the first of many who brought up last week’s student elections, which were cancelled because of issues with the electronic voting system.

‘They did work really really hard and put a lot of effort into the elections,’ Umali said. ‘Due to technical difficulties elections had to cancel the elections and nullify the results because they couldn’t guarantee the results would be accurate.’

Senator Abel Pacheco, who was on the ballot last week, voiced his discontent over not canceling the elections on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday.

‘My concern is, as a senator, that the same reasoning applied on Wednesday afternoon could’ve been applied on Tuesday when we did know there was problems rather than wasting $16,000.’

Elections had been allocated $16,000 for elections, of which only $2,000 remains for the special elections on Nov. 12 and 13. A unanimous vote approved the special elections.

For the director of elections it could’ve been easy to sweep the problem under the rug, but ‘our job it to put on a credible election.’ Last week director of elections had this to say about the issues which plagued elections.

‘I don’t want to blame anybody,’ Mazen Hafez said. ‘But the event speaks for itself, all the problems that were coming up were online related and technology related even the issues with poll workers was because the online system wasn’t working I think you can draw your own conclusions.’

2,200 students voted in last week’s elections a record high for a fall election more than four times the average, which is usually about 500 votes, according to Hafez’s report.