They just won?t die

Alonso Tacanga

They sure like to sweat it. It doesn’t matter. They’re almost in.

Cameron Sims had enough of making Titan goalkeeper Kevin Puder look like a hero and finally, in the 107th minute, put his Matadors on the doorstep of the Big West Conference Tournament with the game-winning 3-2 in double overtime at Titan Stadium Wednesday night.

CSUN had fallen behind 2-0 after Nelson Mark took a deflection and nailed it inside Matador goalkeeper Kevin Guppy’s net just a minute into the second half. It looked bleak for Northridge. The momentary loss was eliminating them from postseason contention.

Sims had other ideas, though. Six minutes after the score, he raced toward the goal and received a pass from Sunghyun Kim to cut the Titan lead in half.

The rest of the Matadors awoke. They began to attack relentlessly. In the 63rd minute, midfielder Ben Cox brought life back to Northridge with the equalizer.

CSUN was in charge. They threw everything they had at the Titans in the second half, but finished regulation tied 2-2. Fullerton didn’t challenge Guppy once then.’

‘ The overtimes had much of the same. Puder became a lion defending his goal, until three minutes from the end. Then, the barrier finally broke. Sims scored the game-winner with yet another assist from Kim and gave the Matadors the chance to get a bid to the tournament in their last game at home vs. UC Irvine.

CSUN had 10 shots on goal. Puder had seven saves.

Northridge hosts the Anteaters Saturday at 2:30 p.m.