CSUN grad student Esha Momeni released from prison in Iran

Danielle Directo

Esha Momeni, the 28-year-old grad student that was arrested last month in Iran, has been released by the Iranian government after 25 days in jail.

Momeni was released from Evin prison at 5 p.m. in Tehran after the deed of her parents’ home was taken as bail, according to Change for Equality.

The student is being charged with ‘propagandizing against the regime,’ said Dr. Nayereh Tohidi, professor and chair of Gender ‘amp; Women’s Studies, in an e-mail.

‘She is in good spirits and well and is catching up on what has beenhappening all this time,’ said Momeni’s friend, Hassan Hussain in an e-mail.’ Momeni is due to return to the United States next week.

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