Earthquake simulation will test campus preparedness

Aston Tan

An order to stop, drop and cover will come over classroom intercoms at 10 a.m. on Nov. 13, in an attempt to help students understand what to do if another earthquake hits the Valley. This simulation is apart of the ‘Great Southern California ShakeOut.’

‘ ‘It may be one of the largest events of its kind to be held statewide,’ said CSUN Police Chief, Anne Glavin.

Classes without the facilities will have announcements manually made through professors who will be given tapes by authorities.

Glavin said she hopes the event will highlight campus emergency resources that are available for all students.

‘It is important to know if you are not sure what to do,’ she said.

Student Hiro Azuma, 24, said he is unprepared, but at the same time not worried because of his experience as a geography major as well as being a native of Japan, which is hit frequently with earthquakes.

‘If one happens right now I’ll just run to where there are no buildings,’ he said.

Azuma said he was assured by the structural integrity of CSUN buildings.

Campus emergency management and preparedness coordinator, Kit Espinosa said she understands that for most students, emergency preparedness is the last thing on their mind and she hopes the event would serve to change that.

‘The main objective of the event is to inspire everybody to prepare for a large disaster,’ said Espinosa.

Espinosa advised complacent students ‘to be prepared as anybody else.’

She said students should open communications with friends and family and to stock up on emergency supplies.

Thursday’s simulation will be portrayed as dwarfing July’s 5.4-magnitude earthquake by 5,000 times.

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