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Make it a board game party night

It all started when I was about 8: the snake eyes, d-e-b-a-u-c-h-e-r-y, bodies moving in ways one never thought possible. Once my third anniversary of being 21 hit, I began to notice that this turned out to be a standard of fun for me and always will be.

After repeated botched Friday night plans and being too burnt out from work to go out, I turned to the bored games. Monopoly, Scrabble, Twister, Candyland and now The Office, board games that can transform an ordinary night into a party waiting to happen.

It may seem dull, I thought so at first, but nothing cures the no plans, no money syndrome like a high stakes game of Monopoly. Cruising the Boardwalk and Park Avenue on a Friday night in my gold, two-seater, dropping $750 in fake money and watching my friends grapple as they land on ‘my’ property is priceless. All a great reminder of why this was such a hit when I was younger; I wasn’t playing with real money.’

With the economy the way it is and $10 drink night specials around town every weekend it’s hard to keep up. The saving grace of most board games is that usually you only need two people who are willing to play.

Team camaraderie and fun at little to no cost, makes it easy to find willing players. For the tired and broke, a board game party can be your ticket out of boredom.

Board games can be versatile and adaptable to any group. By incorporating your own sets of rules in addition to standard ones this pass time can turn the night owl of a group into a homebody.

Here are some tips for a successful game board night.

Step One:

Check your inventory. What games do you have?’ ‘

If you don’t have an extensive collection or any games it’s not a big deal, improvise. Most everyone loves a game of Pictionary, grab a few sheets of paper, markers and a watch.

Stick to the traditional game rules or add some of your own.

Splurge: Games can be found at Target anywhere from $9-$20

Skimp: think of games in stores that can easily be put together using household items.

Step Two:

Dinner and Dessert.

Invite friends over for dinner.

Pizza is a convenient, quick and affordable option and costs $10- $15 each, (look for coupons in the mail).

For dessert, throw something easy and convenient in the oven. Brownies, cookies or any type of baked good that takes around 30 minutes or less to bake is ideal. Guests will enjoy the treat and they are best when warm. Boxed Brownies are $3-$4 each (serves about 8-10) Cookies are $4 per package (serves about 8-10)

Step Three:


For the 21 and over crowd, responsibly having alcoholic beverages can be a nice alternative to the local bar and is a lot cheaper. Depending on drink preferences this can vary from $12-$20. If you have friends who are creative with mixing drinks they can play bartender for the night.

* Split the cost with friends or have them bring over some of their favorite snacks and games.

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