Cash lives

Jacy DeFilippo

All Aboard,’ a tribute to Johnny Cash has been’ released and is filled with today’s top punk rock bands performing covers of Cash’s most popular songs.’

Anchorless Records is not only paying homage to the ‘Man in Black,’ but is also donating all of the profits to a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance for women fighting breast cancer.’ The money will go to women who cannot afford treatment.’

All Aboard features performances from bands including The Bouncing Souls, MxPx, The Gaslight Anthem, the Flat liners as well as other recognizable artists.’

The artists featured are quoted on the influence that Cash has had on them musically and personally.’ Anchorless records released this compilation’ in hopes to introduce a new generation of music fans to the songs and importance of Johnny Cash via their favorite artists.’

‘All Aboard’ has received recognition by radio shows, the Internet, and television shows.’ Sirius radio, FUSE TV, and myspace have all publicized this tribute to one of the world’s most influential artists.’

Songs that are featured on this album highlight the long, successful career of Cash.’ Hit songs such as ‘Man in Black,’ ‘Cocaine Blues,’ ‘Cry, Cry, Cry,’ and ‘I Walk the Line’ are covered and bring a new flare to some of Cash’s hit songs.’ A bonus track of the song ‘Delia’s Gone’ is available on the vinyl version.’ The sound of punk rock and Americana merge to create a new sound that is different from what the audience would expect.’

‘Cocaine Blues’ covered by The Loved Ones and ‘Folsom Prison Blues ‘ covered by Chon Travis from Love Equals Death are two songs that represent Cash’s music well.’ They have their own take on the music but still stay within the lines of Cash as we know him.’

All of the songs have a similar sound staying with the punk rock sound.’ Some artists cover Cash better than others, but over all if you are a Cash fan, you will enjoy the different take on the songs that made his career a lasting success.