Lustra finds a new sound

Alfredo Madrid

Lustra’s latest album, ‘What You Need and What You Get,’ is either a blatant misogynistic attack or the group who collectively enjoy promoting the belittlement of women following the cold end to a relationship.’

Lustra originally formed in Boston in 1996 under the name ‘Seventeen.” The original members included Chris Baird on drums and vocals, Nick Cloutman on bass and vocals, John Baird on rhythm guitar and Jason Adams on lead guitar.’ A few years later, facing legal harassment from the renowned teenage Seventeen magazine coupled with a change in lineup, the group arrived in Los Angeles in 2001 and released their first album under the new title, Lustra, in 2003.

Perhaps best known for their song ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know,’ which appears as a bonus track on this latest effort, the song appeared in the 2004 comedy ‘Euro Trip.” The song indiscreetly portrays an insolent so-called friend of Scotty’s bedding his girlfriend in an almost sadistic, purposeful depiction of the singer’s true feelings.’ ‘Fiona’s got him on the phone, and she’s trying not to moan / It’s a three way call, and he knows nothing. / NOTHING!!’

The album seethes with resentful feelings aiming to exact revenge on a former lover.’ The bitter lyrics to ‘Say You’re In’ carry suicidal themes.’ ‘Cut me up and cut me out,’ persists the singer, only to become homicidal a few stanzas later, ‘I want to make you high / Cut your arms / And die.’

Apparently letting go of someone important implies physically, or at least emotionally, tormenting them first.’ ‘No One Like Me’ begins with a bass introduction accompanied by a slow, spread out beat.’ It is somber.’ Then the singer begins with ‘I had a dream / And I cut my arms and died / And you’ll start to see / There’s no one left like me,’ moans the crooner in a pathetic attempt to regain the lost lover’s sympathy.

Although the lyrics paint disturbing images, Lustra deliver melodic hard rock in short songs meant to rattle the listener’s composure.’

Although the rock is not exceptional, the accompaniment of intense and depressing lyrics are a surefire way to propel this album into the forefront on the listener’s mind.’

Three stars out of five.