Desperate measures for ?Desperate Writers?

Jacy DeFilippo

Desperate Writers’ is a zany comedy about two screenwriters who are struggling financially and will do anything to sell their script to get them out of the hole and back on to their feet.

The laugh-out-loud play is running at Edgemont Center for the Arts in Santa Monica until Nov. 23 and is a fast-paced story that pokes fun at the film biz and its crazy nature.’ There are many different characters who feed off of each other’s comedic timing to create a lively cast for the audience’s enjoyment.

Ashley (Kate Hollinshead) and David (Chris Petschler) are about to get their home sold out from under them, and Ashley desperately wants to have a baby.’ David doesn’t want to make any rash decisions until he gets his ‘ducks in a row,’ as he says throughout the play, which drives Ashley mad.’ All she wants is to have a successful career and a family, but it seems her life is not going in the direction that she wants.’

Time after time, their script gets rejected by many top Hollywood producers.’ It seems no one wants to commit to the script and leads the two writers to do something they thought they would never do to sell their script.’

Both ‘Desperate Writers’ stars Hollinshead and Petschler have major theatre credits and have been veterans of the stage for years.’ Hollinshead, an actor from England, sticks to her roots and keeps her English accent for the show, giving her an innocent quality that makes the role lovable to audiences.’ Audiences will fall in love with her delightful and angelic nature.’ Petschler on the other hand plays an-over the-top comedic character who he characterizes believably and well.’

Other supporting actors include Judy Nazemetz, who plays the wacky, loud and obnoxious agent and is one of the main comic reliefs in the show.

Catherine Schreiber, who co-wrote the play with Joshua Grenrock, also performs as one of the producers, Jessica, in the show. Schreiber is not only a theatre actress but has had many roles on hit television shows and movies.’

The Edgemar Center for the Arts is a small theatre that provides an intimate experience for the audience.’ ‘ Although the set and stage were small, it was easy to imagine the show in a Broadway venue.’ The acting, writing and directing all come together to produce a wonderfully exhilarating play.

Four stars out of five.