‘Never Take Friendship Personal’

It seems a lot of rock bands have been slowly making their way through the music industry. The most recent band to have some success is Anberlin, an alternative-Christian rock band on the Tooth and Nail Records roster.

They first found success in 2003 with their first release, “Blueprints for a Black Market.” The band , made up of lead singer Stephen Christian, guitarist Joey Milligan, bassist Deon Rexroat, and drummer Nate Young are back again with their sophomore album “Never Take Friendship Personal.”

With the new album, Anberlin reaches a new level of maturity in their writing. They still have the ability to write great rock songs with melodious guitars and contemplative lyrics, and still have the same hints of the Cure throughout the entire album.

On songs like “Paperthin hymn,” Christian sings about a deceased loved one, asking questions like “Who’s going to call on Sunday morning” and “Who’s going to drive you home?” I just want one more chance to put my arms in fragile hands.” On other songs like the title track, Christian wonders what happened to a friendship and the elements in it that caused it to go sour: “never take friendship personal/ If you can’t hold yourself now?/ Why should I hold you now?”

Musically, from start to finish, the album is worth buying. The band proved themselves with their first album, and have done it once again in Never Take Friendship Personal. Anberlin has great places to go in the future with whatever they decide to do.