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USU Board discusses construction, food prices

Recent heavy rains may delay the completion of the renovations to the USU, according to a report from the Renovation Committee of the University Student Union discussed in the USU Board of Directors meeting Feb. 21.

According to the report, rain often delays the progress of construction, and while contractors plan for a certain number of rainy days, the renovation project has used up almost all of the rainy days allowed already.

“All construction projects have a schedule with allowances for rainy days, equipment, and people,” said Hakim Chambers, renovation project coordinator. “While we don’t have any specific allowance for rainy days, there is no cause for alarm.”

According to the report, the committee is working to find ways to speed up work, which could possibly include working on weekends. Fortunately, the contractor has been very willing to help in this area and has, in the past, expressed its desire to finish the project in a timely manner.

While there should be little or no fiscal impact, it is always difficult to tell, said Debra L. Hammond, executive director of the USU.

“It’s really to early in the project to tell,” Hammond said.

“Most projects finish early,” Chambers said. “We’re hoping we finish early so students can enjoy the project.”

Also discussed during the meeting was the reaction of students to the reopening of The Pub.

Some students responded negatively to the price of food served at The Pub, according to the Executive Director’s Report. A cheaper combo meal was then introduced to address this concern.

Since then, students have responded well, according the report, which is composed of feedback received from the Design Factory website.

Bobby Rodgers, chairman of the USU Board of Directors, also announced in the meeting that he would start giving out the “Keepin’ It Pimpin” award at every third board meeting.

“I know a lot of people work really hard on the board,” Rodgers said. “I thought it would be cool to give them more than just a ‘good job’.”

The award will be given to those who have done an exemplary job at doing their job, especially in the face of adversity. One of the first winners of the award, Bernardean Broadous, a professor in the Pan African Studies department, continued to excel at her post as By Laws Keeper and faculty representative on the board even through the death of a close family member.

The other recipient, Joseph Pourshalimy, junior business law major, provided outstanding service to the board by recruiting members for the various committees the board is involved with.

“I think it’s important to get students involved,” Pourshalimy said. “It can give them experience in whatever they’re interested in.”

Marketing majors, for example, could join the Visibility Committee and get real world experience in marketing for the USU, Pourshalimy said.

Rodgers came up with the award during a USU Board retreat. Every retreat has a theme, and Rodgers decided to have “Keepin’ It Pimpin'” as the theme during the winter retreat.

“Setbacks and frustrations will happen,” Rodgers said. “Keepin’ It Pimpin'” means to work the hardest and most diligently to help the CSUN community.”

The award itself is a goblet that was bought and personally hand crafted by Rodgers. The award is painted gold and has fake plastic jewels running down the length. Holding the goblet in hand, Pourshalimy reflected on how it felt to receive the “Keepin’ It Pimpin'” award.

“It’s interesting,” Pourshalimy said. “This kind of award just gives you more motivation to keep working hard.”

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