Fantasia Fabulous keeps you hot after summer

Daily Sundial

Hey there my “muy” sexy Matadors, it’s your resident expert on all that matters in life: your looks. Call me Ms. Fantasia Fabulous.

Now, I know you all had a hot and happening summer, but now it’s time to get back to what’s important. Along with getting your mind into shape by hitting the books, you’ve also got to get those looks back to their natural divine state.

Long days at the beach or by the pool and long nights at the club can wreak havoc on your skin and hair, so Ms. Fabulous is going to help you out with everything you need to look great.

No matter what type of skin you have – dry, oily, combination, sensitive – your face needs hydration after being exposed to heat.

For dry skin, now is the time to start a cream cleanser, something like Dermalogica’s Essential Cleansing Solution, and follow it with a gentle jojoba bead exfoliant. A once a week intensive moisture mask should replenish and refresh your skin.

Combination skin, doesn’t need too much help, but to combat oily t-zones areas and patches of dryness, exfoliate with AHA (natures chemical exfoliants, alpha hydroxy acids) pads, like DDF five percent glycolic acid pads. A light night cream will also add a little extra moisture to your skin.

Oily skin, although sometimes prone to breaking out, still needs hydration, but the key is to get it from water, and not oil. You can get that by using gel hydrating masks, like Apivita’s cucumber mask, to give you glow, without the slick.

Those with fair and sensitive skin need to be really careful on what they use. Stay away from harsh exfoliants, because they will only aggravate the redness. Instead, use an exfoliating cloth with a cleanser designed for sensitive skin, like Murad’s Sensitive skin cleanser to get the same effect.

Now boys, you shouldn’t ignore this advice either, and especially now, with all the products out there designed exclusively for men, there should be nothing holding you back from taking care of those beautiful faces. Most guys like to keep skincare simple, so an all-in-one cleanser and scrub usually works well. DDF has a great Pumice Acne Scrub, which also helps give a closer shave and keep you smooth.

As I mentioned before, chlorine, salt, and sun is hair’s worst enemy, especially if you have color in your hair. For those with “chemically enhanced” locks, Purify by Pureology is a great, sulfate-free, deep cleansing shampoo, which will help rid your hair of all environmental and chemical deposits. Follow their shampoo with their new Nanoworks deep conditioner, to get some shine back into your hair. If you don’t have color, Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree shampoo and Super-Charged Moisturizer will give you the same results.

Another tip for hot and healthy hair is to put those flat irons and hairdryers away. It may read fall on your calendar, but in Northridge we are still averaging 90 degrees. Also, this fall the look remains sophisticated and natural, so if you have some wave and curl to your hair, set it free. Products that can help maintain your curls can be found in TIGI’s Curls Rock line of products. This whole line of products is designed to defrizz and define those curls.

Hope this advise helps prepare all you beautiful people for the semester ahead, but I’ll be checking in to make sure you’re all keeping it Fabulous!

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