Just an asterisk would let Bonds off much too easy

Daily Sundial

A day hasn’t gone by over the last few weeks where someone hasn’t talked about steroids and major league baseball. Now, as much as I hate to join in, I feel it necessary after the antics of Barry Bonds last week.

While Bonds is one of the greatest players in the history of major league baseball, he is not one of the most liked. He has hit more home runs in a season than any other major leaguer, and before the year is up, may also have more career home runs than any other player.

Having already blown past some of the great home run hitters of all-time including, Willie Mays, Ted Williams and Mark McGwire, just to name a few. Bonds trails only the great Babe Ruth and Henry Aaron for what is widely considered the most prestigious sports record.

Over the last three years, Bonds has also had a batting average between .340 and .370, and he’s almost 41-years-old. Never in his career had he hit that well before.

Only once during his first 14 years in baseball has Bonds hit more than 45 home runs in a season. The last five years, Bonds has hit 49, 73, 46, 45 and 45. It seems strange that Bonds has had such amazing numbers when other players his age seem to be winding down toward the end of their careers.

Bonds told a grand jury not too long ago that he used “the cream” and “the clear,” but that he didn’t know they were steroids. That seems strange, as well. Bonds, a training freak who’s in amazing shape, would seem to know about everything he puts into his body.

Yet, somehow, he took steroids, noticed himself getting bigger and didn’t know about it? Now the media wants answers and as we should, are questioning him about the steroids issue. So Bonds decides to get defensive and has the nerve to call the media liars. Who does he think he is?

People have questioned whether all of Bonds’ accomplishments should have an asterisk next to them. Bonds rebuttal is that we can put an asterisk next to records dating back to the 1800’s. Does anybody have any idea what he’s talking about?

Being a Dodger fan, I am not the best person to be criticizing Bonds, but anyone and everyone can see through this man. He is using every possible means he can to take the focus away from the fact that he’s a cheater and a liar.

Bonds is a selfish, self-centered man and not only should he have an asterisk next to his cheating name, he should have all his “accomplishments” over the last five years erased from the books. Bonds is not the only one whose accomplishments should be erased, but getting into that is a whole other story.

If you ask Bonds, he’ll tell you how great of a guy he is and how he’s such a family man. Find someone else to tell you the same thing and I’ll show you someone on Bonds’ payroll. To show how much of a family man he is, he allegedly had a mistress for nine years?

Kimberly Bell admitted recently that during their nine-year affair, Bonds told her that he was doing steroids. Bell also mentioned that Bonds tried to sweep it all under the rug by offering her $20,000, which is why she came out publicly.

Yeah, Bonds is quite the stand-up guy.

We may as well get ready to see Bonds sitting on top of the majors as the all-time home run king, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually like the “greatest” home run hitter ever? People would love a reason to be fans of Bonds, but he makes it impossible to like him with the way he acts.

How disappointed are people going to be when great people like Ruth and Aaron are surpassed by this never having-won-a-world-series, devious, cheating, lying, adulterating, and arrogant ingrate?