Eisley successful with full-length album ‘Room Noises’

With the success of their first two EP’s, “Marvelous Things” and “Laughing City,” not to mention opening for rock bands like “Coldplay” and “Snow Patrol,” the band Eisley, has released their first full-length album, “Room Noises.”

From start to finish, the album is a listening pleasure for the ears. You can find soothing vocal harmonies, laid-back melodic guitars and keyboards.

Plus, you can listen to popular songs like “Telescope Eyes.” This song is about a person similar to the artist, but the two cannot be together. “I wonder, why can’t you see? You’re just not near enough like me, with your telescope eyes, metal teeth, I can’t be seen with you.”

They also sing other tunes, such as “I Wasn’t Prepared,” which talks about a love that has moved on. The song includes lines like, “Oh when the day is blue, I’ll sit here wondering about you and how the pollen fell all around your face in strange, yellow patterns, but I wasn’t prepared for this, no, no, I wasn’t prepared for this no, no.”

Eisley comes from Tyler, Texas. The band is composed of four Dupree family siblings. Sherri is on guitar and vocals, Stave is on vocals and keyboard, Chauntelle plays guitar, and Wilson plays drums. Their friend and neighbor Jonathan Wilson plays bass.

The band got their name from the Star Wars movie scenes. They took their name from the planet, Moss Eisley.

“Room Noises” is a great album from start to finish and it should be a must have for anyone’s collection.