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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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CSUN students, take heart, fashion police on patrol

I don’t know who actually said they liked the last article I wrote on fashion, but thank you. Now, I’m back for round two. Don’t worry, I have the rest of the semester to tell you what you should or should not wear. Today we’re traveling back to the old days. The 90’s. The days of “Blossom,” “The Mickey Mouse Club” and “Yo! MTV Raps.”

As I attempt to go back to the recesses of my mind, remember that I am only one person. If I miss something and you have a problem with it, write an article. Remember this is lighthearted fun, to take your mind off real issues like war, social security and midterms. Enjoy.

What follows is a list of things that we need to bring back. They were “it” when I was a kid. I apologize if you’re older than me and this list doesn’t include your generations cool things, but that’s life.


-British Knights. Now, I know you remember having British Knights (BK’s). Those shoes were “it.” I don’t know why they disappeared.

-FILAs. No comment, but I saw someone wearing these the other day.

-Reebok Pumps. You could pump until the cows came home, and they did absolutely nothing.

-Black patent leather church shoes. Any little girl who went to church knew about these shoes. Your mom bought them from Payless, and they were so slippery you couldn’t walk in them. Those shoes with itchy stockings or ruffled socks with a big lacy dress made for a bad Sunday.

-Combat boots. “Yo mama wears combat boots” used to be an insult until Jodeci came out and made them popular. Ooohh yeah.

-Doc Martins. I don’t know what these are, but far be it for me to leave anyone’s opinion out.


-Overalls. I had to part with two pair of overalls just a few months ago, because I realized I would never be able to wear them with one strap again. What is the world coming to?

-Slouchy Socks. You can’t just wear one pairs. You have to wear two different color pair and switch the colors on each leg. Think “Blossom.” I know you know about Blossom, Six and Joey. Whoa!

-Ladies, we have to tie the shirt on the side with the circle thing. I don’t know what it’s called, but you used to loop your shirt through it.

-Cross Colors. If you don’t know what this is watch any Kris Kross video.

-The MC Hammer Pants. Did anyone else mistake them for parachutes?

Hair Styles

-The French roll. This was the official prom hair style. Remember the pins poking your scalp? It took forever to make that thing look right.

-The tail. Don’t play. Some of you were upset when your mother made you cut off your tail. Even a member of New Kids on the Block had one.


-Atari. I only had two games, but it was great.

-Nintendo. There are too many buttons now. Let’s go back to the days of the arrows and an A and B button. Give me the Blue Level Two of the Mario Brothers. I would give anything to play Duck Hunt, or to run on the power pad.

-Pager. We could bring them back. They’re only $20 a year. Remember the codes you used to send like 143 (I love you)?

That’s my list. If you’re still wearing some of this stuff, you’re a brave soul. I commend you. If you don’t know what any of these items are, please use Google. Thank you.

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