Crime log


The following information was provided by the Campus Police Department’s Daily Summary Report:

03/12/05 — Attempted Burglary

A CSUN student woke up to find two men looking in her dresser drawers in the UPA 9. They fled when she woke up.

03/12/05 — Burglary from Motor Vehicle

Someone entered a student’s parked and secured vehicle and removed a car stereo and $5 cash in Lot B1.

03/12/05 — Vandalism

Someone smashed a vehicle’s rear side window on Nordhoff Street and Darby Avenue, but no property was taken.

03/10/05 — Robbery

Someone using an unknown weapon took a CSUN student’s wallet.

03/10/05 — Displaying Unauthorized Placard

A CSUN police officer cited and released a CSUN student for displaying an unauthorized placard in Lot B5. The placard was confiscated.

03/09/05 — Possession of Open Container

A CSUN police officer cited and released Taylor Spoor for alleged possession of an open container of alcohol, and alleged possession of marijuana in Lot F10. Spoor is not a CSUN student.

03/09/05 — False Identification to a Police Officer

A CSUN police officer cited and released a CSUN student for giving false identification to a police officer in Lot F8.

03/08-3/10/05 — Petty Theft

Someone removed a CSUN student’s dishes from a dorm room in the University Park Apartments.

03/08-03/09/05 — Vandalism

Someone smashed the rear window of an electric cart in the University Student Union.

03/05/05 — Vandalism

A CSUN student parked and secured his vehicle before leaving campus. He returned and discovered that all four tires were flat. Upon replacing the tires, he discovered that someone had punctured the tires.