Kendall Payne matures with ‘Grown’

Kendall Payne’s “Grown” shows growth and maturity for such a young writer, who has so much more to give to the music industry with her powerful vocals, and deep and introspective lyrics.

This album is perfect for one of those Saturday afternoons around the house, or to have playing in the background when you and your friends get together.

She combines power-pop high driven rock tunes, such as “Rollercoaster,” where she sings about life and all it’s ups and downs as being like a rollercoaster. “It’s like a rollercoaster 100 miles fast/spins you ’round in circles till you want to collapse/makes you so excited you can’t wait for your second chance,” she says in the song. In ballads, such as “Scratch,” she sings if a second chance is possible and wants to start over from scratch with life.

Originally introduced to the music industry in 1999 with her debut release, “Jordan’s Sister,” by Capitol Records, she got praise for deep and insightful writing.

She gained more fame and notability when she toured with Lilith Fair, a concert tour that celebrated women in music.

She was also recognized for best rock alternative album in 2001, when she won her nomination for that category in the Dove Awards.

But as a result of new management at her label, she parted ways with Capitol Records.

One would think that getting dropped from a label would discourage someone from continuing to write music, but this only seemed to fuel the fire and passion to take her songwriting capabilities to the next level.

Going deeper then on her previous album, maturity and growth is shown lyrically and musically in “Grown.”

Indie rock takes many shapes and forms, and for independent artists trying to sell their records and get their music known to the record-buying public, finding stores is hard to come by.

Kendall Payne has been able to market her sophomore release “Grown” online at an independent record store,

Kendall Payne plays tonight at 9:30 p.m. in Los Angeles at Genghis Cohen.